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Bhrigu Lake trek is for all the adventure lovers and the fun seekers it has everything from an adventure to fun.

Bhrigu Lake Trek
Bhrigu Lake trek is best delight for fun seekers; it has everything from an adventure to fun. Though trekking in India is well known, and the treks in India are the destinations people would love to visit, and when it’s about trekking in Himachal, so there is more fun in Bhrigu Lake trekking.

Bhrigu Lake is nestled in Himachal is a fantastic experience for the trekkers,as it has all the adventure in the lap of Himalayas. The Bhrigu Lake Trek is the blend of many exotic surroundings, and little steep pathways with a thrill in each step are terrific.

The splendid vistas of Salong valley, Pir Panjal Peak and Dhauladhar range along with the snow capped mountains of the Himalayan range will treat you better. Bhrigu Lake Trek is easy to moderate trek amongst many India’s trekking destinations; it is also a friendly trek for first timers, this trek in India comes under Himachal Trekking destinations.

The beauty that it consists is thicker and denser forests of oak, conifer trees that look so creative, and art itself, the Silent beauty looks so soothing, and the sharp edges of the ridges are ultimate, the snow-clad peaks all around seems so mesmerizing.

Bhrigu Lake Trek altitude is 14,009 Ft. Be it top winters or the beginning of summer, the lake is never entirely frozen. This is an incidence attributed to the power of Sage Bhrigu of the ancient myths to whom this lake is named. Bhrigu Lake trek package can choose between May to October as it is the Bhrigu Lake trek best time to visit.

Difficulty Level : Bhrigu Lake Trek
It won’t be a hard trek for the first timers, and one who has an experience of trekking can do it quite quickly. Bhrigu Lake Trek could be the most magnificent and incredible journey for the trekkers in all the Himachal Trekking destinations.

Is it suitable for children’s?
Kids between 14 to 18 age can trek to Bhrigu Lake is favourable for children’s, as the difficulty level isn’t too much.

Is it a good option for the first time trekkers /or families?
This Himalayan trek is graded as easy to moderate trek, so it can be chosen to take the family to this trek. A well-planned Bhrigu lake itinerary will make it less tiring for the trekkers.

Altitude : Bhrigu Lake Trek
The altitude of Bhrigu lake Trek is 14,009 Ft. one can attain the maximum altitude depends on the subject to his endurance, and other conditions such as a climate, temperature. Maintain Hydration when you will trek to the higher altitude, so keep your body hydrated while trekking.

Season : Bhrigu Lake Trek
The best time to visit Bhirgu Lake is from May to October; the trek to this admirable destination can be planned between these months as the goal glows the most. The landscape is beyond imagination; the gigantic mountains wrapped with snow looks mesmerizing.

Average temperature : Bhrigu Lake Trek
During the daytime temperatures will range from 13°C to 18°C and Night: 0°C to 7°C, One should bring enough pair of clothes and better quality trekking boots so that the trekker can be covered thoroughly and does not face any difficulty during the stay at this temperature.

What makes this trip different?
Bhrigu Lake Trek is settled at an elevation of 14,009 Ft. Bhrigu Lake Trek is the beautiful trek that offers the unusual mix of adventure and beauty.

The entire trip of Bhrigu Lake doesn't just offer the mesmerizing experience, but it makes one feel free.

Bhrigu Lake Trek is a sublime trek among others when it's tied in with trekking in Himachal that has bunches of goal for trekking, and there is no Doubt that each one is thoroughly entrancing.

The Himalayas are the shelter for India, like this trekking in India the best trek for a long weekend the most exotic trek that opens up the perspective of valleys and magnificent peaks.

Where Bhrigu Lake in Himachal takes you through the massive mountains and the breathtaking view all through the way it won't keep you quiet by any stretch of the imagination instead every vista towards Bhrigu Lake will energize you to achieve the goal.

Trek Itinerary : Bhrigu Lake Trek
Day 1 : Reach Gulaba
Altitude : 10,300 Ft.

Time Taken : Drive to Gulaba, 22 Km, approx one and half hours, Trek to Gulaba Meadows, 3 Km, approx 1.5 hrs

Trek Gradient : steep ascent throughout the trail

Water sources : Bring your water bottles

You have to start from Manali; on the Rohtang pass road towards Gulaba, in between, you will cross the towns Kolang, Palchan and Kothi. The grasslands that you will cross will give you a soothing environment feel, and when you can witness Gulaba, it will look so fantastic and bright.

After reaching the Gulaba, you will have lunch and take a rest, where after rest you will head towards a short trek nearly of 1 hrs, and see your first campsite in the grasslands near forest line.

The trek will be easy without any difficulty till the campsite along with admiring the beauty of Bhrigu lake trek.

Day 2 :Gulaba to Rola Kholi
Altitude : 12,500 - 10,300 Ft.

Time Taken : 6 Km trek, approx 4 hrs

Trek Gradient : First 1.5 hrs is steep ascent and then gradual ascent till campsite, via Kolang Nallah

Water sources : Carry enough water from Gulaba camp, first water point is 20 before Rola Kholi

On your 2nd day of Bhrigu lake trek, you will start from Gulaba towards Rola Kholi, and it will be a steep walk so you need to store the energy, as much as you can.

Few miles walk will be in the forest, and you will quickly witness the oaks, cedar and birches on your way.

After almost 20 min into the trek, you will walk by overlooking the forest, and the scenario of green grasslands will open in front of you. You will be able to find a few mud huts in your way, you will keep moving, and later on, you witness the Hanuman Tibba Rising in Sharp focus, and the seven sister’s peak as well.

After this, you will walk further, and there comes another slight jungle cover passing the trail from the meadows again.

Now the trail becomes narrow and steep just before entering the Rola Kholi around 15 to 20 min before the campsite. You will pass through Nallahs, small streams these are the water sources you can fill your water bottles.

Later, you will reach to Rola Kholi, and this would be so mesmerizing to stay in the campsite.

Day 3 : Rola Kholi to Bhrigu Lake and back to Rola Kholi
Altitude : Bhrigu Lake at 14,000 Ft.

Time Taken : 10 Km trek, approx. 8 hrs

Trek Gradient : Steep ascent till Bhrigu Lake for approx. 5 Km

Water sources : Get the water sources

On your 3rd day of Bhrigu lake trek, you will move towards Bhrigu Lake from Rola Kholi, and it would be better to start the day early in the morning, as it will take longer than the last day.

On 3rd day you will cover the distance of around 10 Km in approx. 7 to 8 hrs. The area will be steep and with stones, so it would be better to walk slowly without hurry.

The trek on the 3rd day will be moderate, so one has to keep in mind to walk carefully.

Till June the area is always covered in the snow but in mid- July one can witness many different colors, as the snow melts so the white, green and brown seem too beautiful. Later you will reach the Bhrigu Lake after so many efforts, but the lake will treat you good by its surrounding, and this will be so pleasing and tranquil.

Day 4 :Rola Kholi to Gulaba Departure from Gulaba
Time Taken : 6 Km trek, approx 3 hrs

Trek Gradient : Easy and mostly descending

Water sources : Carry 2 litres of water from Rola Khuli

The 4th day will be the last day, and the journey will come to an end as you will Travel back to Gulaba and drive back to Manali.

The path will be same for the trek on the 4th day, as Rola Kholi to Gulaba and drove to Manali. It will take approx. 2 to 3 hrs to trek back from Rola Kholi to Gulaba, and then drive back to Manali.

Trek itinerary of Bhrigu Lake Trek.
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