Merudh Patel shares 7 Top Digital Marketing Strategies

Posted June 13, 2022 by merudhpatel

Merudh Patel is an entrepreneur, online marketing expert, US Citizen, and Indian-American. He's ready to help you grow your business - contact him today!

In this interview with top digital marketer Merudh Patel, Merudh talk about his digital marketing strategies. These proven strategies will help you build traffic, brand awareness, and sales. Best of all, these strategies are easy to understand and implement in your business! However, there are a few tried-and-true strategies that always come in handy – especially when you’re running an online business.
Merudh Patel, one of the top digital marketers in the United States, learn about 7 top digital marketing strategies that have stood the test of time, and help you improve your business’ results.These tips are sure to help you grow your business as well!

1) Website Optimization

There’s a growing trend toward web personalization, and it’s affecting all areas of digital marketing. It’s no longer just enough to optimize your content and make it easily discoverable; now you have to ensure that visitors are getting a tailored experience based on what they came looking for—and that they see content specifically related to their interests. Achieving these goals requires proper segmentation in order to create effective profiles and campaigns.

2) Learning New Skills

It’s easy to get stuck in your ways, especially when it comes to marketing. But even small tweaks can have an outsized impact. If you aren’t content with your conversion rates or overall performance, it might be time to try something new. Identify one skill you need to improve and start there—you might find that developing new skills will help you improve your existing ones. For example, if you want to learn how to use a new social media platform, then spend some time doing so. You may end up learning about how to make other social media platforms more effective for your business as well.

3) Improving The User Experience

Merudh Patel really like interviewing marketers to uncover their most effective digital marketing strategies. When it comes to digital marketing, things are always changing. One thing remains constant, though: every top digital marketer focuses on improving user experience. Improving The User Experience: Merudh Patel really like interviewing marketers to uncover their most effective digital marketing strategies. When it comes to digital marketing, things are always changing. One thing remains constant, though: every top digital marketer focuses on improving user experience.

4) Effective Email Marketing

Most people understand how important email marketing is to a brand’s success, but there are still many who have yet to make a comprehensive strategy. If you are one of these people, here are seven email marketing strategies you can implement in your business right now.
Make Sure Your Emails Look Good on Mobile Devices: According to Litmus, 51% of emails are opened on mobile devices, so it’s important that your emails look good and function well on smartphones and tablets. The easiest way to do that is by using responsive design techniques for all your email templates. Responsive design uses CSS media queries to detect if a device is mobile or not and then serves up an appropriate version of HTML for that device type.

5) Multimedia Content For Long-Term Impact

As digital marketers, Merudh Patel have a unique position to produce several types of content with equal ease. However, since one of our primary objectives is to build long-term relationships and drive ongoing traffic, it pays to consider all our options before choosing which type of content to focus on. What does your audience like? How much time do you have available? Where will you be targeting your efforts? These are just some of the questions you should ask yourself when deciding how to allocate your time and resources. Ultimately, there’s no right or wrong answer here—just know that by producing different types of content for different purposes, you can maximize your chances for success across multiple channels.

6) Competitive Market Research for Winning Campaigns

In digital marketing, successful brands optimize campaigns based on what’s working for their top competitors. Competitor research helps you better understand your niche and will help you create more effective messaging around your products or services. Here are four ways to effectively do competitor research: Invest in SEMrush and SpyFu: By investing in these tools, you can effectively get an insight into what keywords are being targeted by your top competitors. You can then use these insights to further customize your content strategy for that niche. For example, if you notice a competitor is targeting a specific keyword with high search volume but low competition, it might be worth testing out yourself. If they have been able to convert searchers using that keyword into customers using a specific landing page URL, it might be worth testing out as well. Look at Your Competitors’ Paid Ad Campaigns: Check out how other brands are running paid ad campaigns within your industry. Are they running display ads? Video ads? What type of creative elements are they using?

7) Digital Advertising Analytics & Metrics

For digital marketing to be effective, it is imperative to track your website’s performance and understand how your audience reacts to it. You need to have an accurate method of measuring goals and conversions so you can improve performance over time. Many people use Google Analytics as their tool of choice for tracking analytics, but some may find other programs easier or more suitable for their needs. In any case, make sure that you are using one! If you are not sure where to start with digital analytics, here are a few resources:
The Beginner’s Guide to Web Analytics: A great overview of what web analytics is and why it matters. This post also includes a few useful links for further reading on web analytics. The Beginner’s Guide to Measuring Your Website Performance: A good primer on choosing tools and metrics that will help you measure success in your business.
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