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Living by our own values is challenging enough, but in a polarized world it takes even more strength of mind and heart than usual. There is something for people of all philosophies and faith stances in this little volume.




Author gets to the heart of the matter about something we all share—a vocation to be somebody


Brother Bernard Seif, SMC, EdD, DNM, ABBHP


(Brodheadsville, PA, USA, November 2020)—Living by our own values is challenging enough, but in a polarized world it takes even more strength of mind and heart than usual.  Institutional structures, both spiritual and governmental, are being reevaluated both from within and without.  This author has been honored to journey with scores of individuals, both younger and older, who have successfully and fruitfully clarified their places in today’s world.  Many younger people are looking for a beginning path to follow toward a fulfilling life.  Older people often prioritize things anew in light of their life experience and either modify earlier choices, or in some cases change paths completely.  In any case, our path will likely not be easy all of the time, but living by our values rather than on emotion alone can help us retain our peace of mind and heart.

Brother Bernard Seif, SMC, EdD, DNM, ABBHP, who is referred to simply as “Brother Bernard” in the monastic tradition, preferring that to “Doctor Seif,” which also works, has been focused on seeking the Sacred in all things and on helping others as best he can since he was seventeen years old.  (That’s a story for another time.)  Being keenly aware of his own pluses and minuses and the light and darkness within all of the human condition, he offers this short and to the point volume to help people find their way.  Here is some of what the monk, clinical psychologist, and doctor of natural health says in his introduction.

“There is something for people of all philosophies and faith stances in this book, although one may have to dig a little deeper at times to get beyond the Catholic Christian framework in which much of the material is embodied.  All are meant to be included as we bring to consciousness our preconceived ideas, accurate or otherwise, and let our monastic archetype reveal itself.  What I offer is simply my experience of this process.”

BEING WHO YOU ARE: THE UNIVERSAL VOCATION, published by the Salesian Monastery, helps the reader clarify distortions and prejudices she or he may have about the four major paths through life: married, single, vowed religious/monastic, and clergy.  Is the single life really a calling, or something negatively defined as being for someone who didn’t get married?  Is married life less sacred than being a clergyperson?  Are monastics simply anti-social people who couldn’t deal with the world?  Brother Bernard gets to the point using clear language as well as some light-hearted autobiographical stories along the way.

Brother / Doctor Bernard Seif, SMC, EdD, DNM, ABBHP is a Christian monk in the Roman Catholic and Salesian traditions and Clinical Psychologist, Board Certified in Behavioral Medicine and Behavioral Health Practice.  He is also educated in natural health modalities, specializing in Chinese Medicine with sub-specialties in Medical Qigong and Chinese medicinal herbs.  Brother Bernard is certified as an Advanced Clinical Therapist and a Qigong Teacher by the National Qigong Association and is a Lifetime Professional member of that organization, past Ethics Chair, and has served on the NQA Board of Directors.  Doctor Seif is a Life Member of the American Psychological Association and a Life Member and Approved Consultant with the American Society of Clinical Hypnosis.  He enjoys hiking, writing monastic mystery books, has studied in both the United States and Asia, and gives workshops and retreats in the USA and abroad.  Mostly, he just enjoys trying to be a decent human being.

“Starting in the early days of digital publishing with my monastic mystery book series called OFFICE OF THE DEAD, I’ve now returned to what some readers have been asking for--a more spiritually-oriented book. I loved the shift to the monastic mystery genre which evolved into six books, but now focus more on another mystery--that of vocation--in BEING WHO YOU ARE.  I very much enjoyed the mix of writing and research for professional journals and mystery books, and now the warmer, more pastoral work of creating this most recent volume.  It draws upon a lifetime of clinical and pastoral experience, along with insights gleaned from my own life journey.”


Enrich your life by taking action:

If you are young, clarify your starting out path.

If you are older, rethink things in light of your life experience.

If you have picked up stereotypes and prejudices about vocations along the way (and who hasn’t), gain clarity.



Vocation/career/spirituality/pastoral care/ministry/monasticism/personal growth

Publication Date: November 2020

e-book: $3.95 (print book soon to follow)

Author:  Brother Bernard Seif, SMC, EdD, DNM, ABBHP (aka Brother Bernard or Doctor Seif)

ISBN: 9781393694397

Available upon request:  cover, author photos, resume


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