OpenPhone, the business VoIP phone that can replace Google Voice

Posted August 1, 2022 by laotian360

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There are many services that can get the phone number of the United States, and free US-Canada calls and text messages, and the bosses who do cross-border e-commerce foreign trade use the most experience should be Google Voice, right? In fact, in some segments of the market, some small start-up companies do products even better than Google's experience, such as Deepl translator I think it is better than Google Translate, this introduction of a better experience than Google Voice and even called instead of Google Voice business VoIP service - OpenPhone.

OpenPhone Introduction

OpenPhone VoIP, developed by a startup team founded in 2018 under the company name OpenPhone Technologies, Inc, whose vision is to redefine the concept of cell phones to help people communicate better and be more efficient in the office, has been backed by several top venture capital firms including Y Combinator, Slow Ventures, Kindred Ventures, Garage Capital, Hack VC, Chapter One Ventures, and angel investor financing support, OpenPhone mobile app in Google Play market currently has more than 100,000 downloads.

OpenPhone's basic functions are similar to Google Voice, but it focuses on business office, targeting the corporate market, you can get a U.S. and Canadian phone number, free SMS calls in North America, and cheap international calls, and you can also register for a commercial 800 number. Although it is not as advantageous as free Google Voice from the point of view of fees, it seems to be able to replace Google Voice in terms of user experience.

Sign up for an OpenPhone account to get a US number

New users can currently get a $20 trial for signing up!


Email or Google account registration account, enter your name, bind a real cell phone number to receive SMS verification, must be a physical number, using Google Voice and other virtual number will prompt an error.

Next, you can choose to add a new number or import the existing numbers of other carriers, OpenPhone has a number transfer function, you can transfer your Google Voice number here, Tianke Tianic first add a new number here, and try the import function later.

The system randomly assigned a U.S. number, if you do not like it, you can manually enter the name of the city or area code to choose one you like.

Choose a paid plan, $10 per month for the standard version, $25 per month for the premium version, or the more advanced Enterprise version. Check out the specific differences between the first two versions, the basic features are the same, the premium version has some additional features that individuals can not use. After binding a credit card, the new user registration has a 7-day free trial, at this time will not be charged.

After registering, you can enter the OpenPhone homepage. The page is very simple and beautiful, with a black style design and a sense of Discord, without any junk ads, and very comfortable to use.

The mobile app looks like this:

OpenPhone call rates

International calls are inexpensive, e.g. $0.04-$0.11 per minute for calls to China and $0.06 for a text message.

You can check the detailed rates at the official website.

OpenPhone add and import numbers

You can add several local U.S. numbers or business numbers starting with 833, 844, 855, 866, 877, 888. 1 toll-free number is included in the standard $10/month account, with an additional $5/month charge for each additional number added.

In the Setting - Phone Number page, you can import other carriers' numbers through the Port existing function, such as transferring Google Voice numbers to OpenPhone for $3. There are detailed step-by-step instructions for the import process, and you should unlock your Google Voice number beforehand.

It should be noted that if the number is transferred from a physical carrier like T-Mobile to a virtual carrier, the number will become a virtual number, and some SMS verification may not work well, but of course there is nothing wrong with transferring from a virtual carrier to a virtual carrier.

It also supports transferring the number from OpenPhone to other carriers, but the export function needs to submit a work order and there is no self-operation portal.

OpenPhone's convenient online customer service

Compared with those ways of sending emails to find customer service to solve problems, OpenPhone directly has a customer service online dialog box, so you can leave a message directly to solve any problems, which is really convenient. Although they do not promise to deal with the problem within 2-3 hours like their auto-answer, they will usually reply to the work order manually on the same day.

Some other features of OpenPhone

Set business hours, all incoming calls outside business hours will be entered into voice mail messagesTeamwork function, you can send emails to invite other users to join the registration and use the number and address book sharing togetherCustomized voicemail greetingWhen you encounter trouble, you can ask OpenPhone for human technical supportCall forwarding to physical numbers in USA and CanadaAutomatic call recording featureSet up call routing function, that is, the kind of triage by pressing 1 key for what function and 2 keys for what functionSMS, incoming calls, missed calls and other information sent to the bound mailbox alertSupport address book import and export

What happens when you cancel your paid subscription?

What will happen if I cancel my paid subscription?

The purchased number is valid for a long timeYou can receive text messages normally, but cannot send themYou can only make normal calls to North America, but not to other countriesCannot receive incoming calls

Summary Evaluation

On the whole, OpenPhone seems to be more business-oriented and better than Google Voice, and it is rare for a startup to make a simple VoIP product like this.

If Google Voice is shut down in the future, OpenPhone is a good alternative to Google Voice.

Register your OpenPhone VoIP phone today and get a permanent US number!

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