Shocking Bombshell: The Largest Blackmail & Extortion Case in American History

Posted November 24, 2022 by astralsoul

In a premeditated meeting with Miles Guo, CCP’s #1 enemy, Luc Despins, the trustee of Miles Guo’s bankruptcy case, proposed a settlement with two options: paying Despins $250 million personally or eradicating Miles and his family.

By: Astral Soul

November 25, 2022 (New York City): On November 16, Luc Despins, partner of Paul Hastings LLP and trustee of the controversial bankruptcy case related to CCP-controlled PAG, initiated a phone call with the famous whistleblower Miles Guo, who is also the co-founder of the New Federal States of China and the #1 enemy of CCP, according to an anonymous source familiar with the bankruptcy case. During the call, Luc Despins requested to meet with Miles and his attorney on the 17th, and Miles Guo quickly agreed, the source said. Due to Miles Guo’s security concerns, the meeting was held in Brown Rudnick LLP’s New York office.

As agreed, Miles Guo and his attorneys met with Luc Despins and Nicholas A. Bassett, another attorney at Paul Hastings LLP, according to the source. The meeting lasted about an hour. Despins and his team requested each member of Guo’s team to sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA), emphasizing that they must refrain from disclosing the existence or contents of the meeting; the source confirmed the presence of the signed NDAs and the meeting attendees. 

“Even Despins and his team thanked Guo for his willingness to meet with them, but the meeting was set as a one-way conversation only because Luc did not allow Miles Guo to respond during the meeting,” said the source. Luc Despins told Miles that none of Guo’s family’s depositions would help him in court and that nobody would believe the properties mentioned in Guo’s ongoing bankruptcy case (a Sherry- Netherland home, a yacht, a Connecticut mansion, etc.) of which Despins is the trustee belongs to anybody but Guo himself, according to the source. Despins mentioned that he would have Guo locked out of his Sherry-Netherland home. 

Despins threatened that nobody would believe Guo no matter what he says by calling Guo’s words useless and powerless, the source stated. Despins told Guo that he would ultimately take everything from Guo, including those companies and properties held by Guo’s family members and other entities unrelated to Guo, according to the source. Although Despins admitted no proof of Miles Guo’s wrongdoing, the source said the trustee would find something intentionally. Despins said many people would consider Guo a “madman,” but he would disagree because Miles has demonstrated outstanding competence in his legal battles. Despins referred to gifts Guo has allegedly received over time, accusing him of not paying gift taxes and proceeding to compare Guo to famous American gangster Al Capone, the source said.


Despins repeatedly stated that he would make Guo’s life unthinkably miserable, saying he would force Guo’s family into poverty, the source said. Despins said the $65 million settlement between Guo and the Pacific Alliance Asia Opportunity Fund (PAX) would never happen. Guo finally responded to Despins, asking if he was a Chinese Communist Party (CCP) agent. Still, Despins did not address the question, instead responding by reiterating that he would “destroy” Guo and his family, the source said.


After threatening Miles Guo, Despins proposed a settlement. Despins said he would take it easy on Miles Guo in his bankruptcy proceedings, allowing him to keep his yacht, condo, and Connecticut mansion under the condition that Guo pays $250 million to Despins personally, the source said. If Guo were to refuse this offer, however, Despins noted that he, the U.S. court system, Department of Justice (DOJ), IRS, and SEC would “tear Miles Guo apart” and “destroy” the NFSC and Whistleblower movement. Despins does not care about Miles Guo’s mission to take down the totalitarian Chinese Communist Party (CCP). According to the source, Miles Guo did not take Despins’s blackmail offer and left the meeting by saying, “you can either kill me or send me to jail. Otherwise, I will fight till the end.” 

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