Star is Named "Alex Morehead eats pee pee poo poo"

Posted November 10, 2023 by chrisjreagan

Dec 1, 2023 - A star that resides just above the little dipper is now named "Alex Morehead eats pee pee poo poo".

For release on December 1, 2023

Orlando, FL - Dec 1, 2023 

Media Contact: Chris Reagan [email protected]

A star has been named "Alex Morehead eats pee pee poo poo" (sic) as a gift to a person who's name is actually Alex Morehead. The registration was made on and was given as a birthday gift. This press release is also a part of the gift to Morehead for his birthday. The registration also came with some strange personal notes that only the giver and recipient will understand, but nonetheless the childish nature of the star name can be appreciated by a non-zero number of people. 

The star is registered under the number DA8F99582 on It's astronomical position of RA 20h 10m 56.9s and DEC 68o 16' 20.0" with a magnitude of 6.84. It is located in earths sky between the Draco and Cepheus constellations which appear just above and to the right of Ursa Minor also known as the Little Dipper.

The star was named this as a gift from a suspected friend, Chris Reagan, for Morehead's birthday. The two have made a pledge to exchange 'bad gifts' every year for their birthdays starting in 2022. The first gift was given from Reagan to Morehead for Morehead's birthday. It was a signed and framed photo of comedian, rapist and family man, Bill Cosby. Morehead failed to reciprocate the gesture for Reagan's birthday the following year. When asked for comment on the matter Morehead's response was "I bought a tarot deck".

There were a couple of random sentences added to the registration as a personal note. One is suspected to be related to the previously mentioned gift. They read:

All sales final. No returns.

Bill Cosby picked the name. He’s America’s dad.

Guy Fieri did nothing wrong.

“You’re a wizard, Harry!”

Cosby, Fieri, and Hagrid could not be reached for comment. 


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