Various hat the rich and colorful

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And turbans, headscarf against the same, national minority hat's various and colorful. All sorts of different hat, a variety of different purposes, and are part of the dress, have adornment effect, to meet the needs of northern south different life.

To sum up, see Chinese minority hat purposes and functions of a few kinds of such: warm, block rain anti-insect sunshade, Camouflage, Etiquette said, Religious beliefs, Decorate beautification. Of course, these six utility are not entirely divisible, often mutual tolerance and cross, even as one.

Cold winter weather in northern China, the minority nationality again many live in river, grasslands, plateau area, so they winter wear hat they demand has good heat preservation performance. In order to adapt to this request, northern minorities hat multi-purpose fur, blanket, PuLu, production, and generally have MaoEr, facilitate warm warm, earmuffs windshield. The manchu dome cap, the hezhen nationality and olunchun Pao cap, Mongolian si pian wa cap, of the daur nationality Pao scalp or fox cap, tu felt hat, salar lamb cap, the fittings of white felt hat, kazak cap, tatar clan of trilobites black curly cap and various cap, are warm performance good hat.

Winter, Mongolian wear spire roll along the cap or si pian wa cap. Two hats are with sheepskin production, a bit more exquisite with fox fur, mink or other animal skins. So-called si pian wa, namely hat was surrounded by four square fur, can put down to protect the ears and neck. Tu winter also wear Mongolian style of si pian wa cap.

Kazak man hat from area with the horde different and different, but with "trilobites" the most famous cap. Altai region of the tribe, winter wear clothing horst koehler is "trilobites" cap. This kind of hat fine workmanship, dainty materials, multi-purpose lamb skins, or fox fur as raw materials, and red, purple, yellow satin make face, left, right, after three sides prolapse, therefore calls "trilobites" cap. With decorated with bay wool made with. Yili area of kazak, winter wear a kind of call "bill was round cap. Urumqi area of kazak, belong to the horde "trilobites at higher, but" cap Raman tribal lower.

Tajik clan winter hat tall canister, dome, cap embroider on several ways of fine decorative pattern and a wide lace, flannelette facets, kid for. Adult males usually wear a black hat, cap flocking round tall canister is black kid; within Teenagers are wearing the same white caps. Get a storm, can put the hat down firmly obscures the ears and cheeks.

Various Tibetan caps are very special. Winter, Tibetan by wearing hat with fur, cotton or PuLu production, type is various: have flared, straight cylinder, and show the tongue or double tongue before, some decorated in a wisp of gold. Tibetan hat style feature is hair grow, hats, and loose CangPao suitable, give a person with a straightforward bold and unconstrained feeling.

Northern minorities summer wear hats, southern minority nationalities daily hat, including more rain area of alemeth cap, all after rain hat to block rain, insect-resistant, sunshade such use hat. Because of this kind of hat quantity, only for some characteristics of big hat briefly introduce outstanding.

Our country's northeast dense woods, birch, starting with many can shell under processing into various artifacts, deft and beautiful, very practical. Hezhen nationalities summer often DaiHua cap, the shape and rain hat similar, spire along, already big cover, and can block sunlight rain, cap is decorated with various cloud volume and pattern. Similarly, south China yao should have with wood hat. Guangxi celebrating XianShang yao women long to 14 or 15, he took off the watermelon form, while wearing intently wood cap. Wood cap oblate, above and around all postmarked towel, up to 20 several. Add thread microfacies and heavy can reach seven, BaJin. The fittings, some still cut with women JiJiCao plait hat. LuoBaZu DaiTeng circle cap.

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