Why Use High Pressure Water Jetting In The Mining Industry?

Posted October 23, 2019 by womaaustralia

High pressure water jetting is an innovative solution to many issues in the mining industry including meetig cleaning and maintenance standards.

The mining industry presents companies with ever-increasing challenges on an almost daily basis. From the much publicised aspects of health and safety to the spotlight issues of environmental concern, ensuring continued profits in this volatile industry requires forward planning and sometimes bold steps to employ the most cutting edge technology available.

One such solution that goes a way to addressing a multitude of 21st century mining issues is that of the use of high and ultra high pressure water jetting.

The technology behind the concept of water jetting has advanced dramatically in recent years. Market leaders continue to push for increased safety standards as well as the adherence to strict training and education for all who are involved in the use of such products. Today this alternative to conventional maintenance, drilling, blasting and all types of sanitisation tasks is not only being embraced by the industry, but ongoing experiments suggest that the method might even be superior to more traditional maintenance and mining methods in certain situations*.

Currently the largest use of ultra high pressure water jetting within the industry is that of cleaning and maintenance. However, there are more and more situations where the ever-advancing technology has led to the technique being employed as a cutting and demolition tool.

Water Jetting in Multiple Mining Situations

Safe and ecologically harmless, water jetting can be utilised in many different situations:

·         Cutting

·         Demolition, Scabbling & Scarifying (Concrete and other media)

·         Decontamination

·         De-rusting & Coatings Removal  (surface preparation)

·         De-scaling

·         Drain, Pipe, Vessel & Tank cleaning

·         Drilling, Injection & Intervention

Advantages of Using High Pressure Water Jetting

There are many positive reasons why advanced water technology is now regularly used by the mining industry on a global scale:

·         Environmentally friendly: The use of water over potentially more hazardous materials for cleaning, maintenance and cutting has virtually no impact to the surrounding environment. Not only is it an ecologically friendly solution, but it produces less airborne contaminant and is also more efficient than using techniques such as grit blasting or acid washing.

·         Safety: Removing the requirement of toxic substances for tasks such as cleaning and the introduction of automated manipulator technologies ensures a far safer environment for workers and anyone in the immediate vicinity.

·         Speed: Thanks to the increased pressures and advanced tooling now available for water jetting, the strong jets provide a fast and dynamic method of industrial cleaning.

·         Cost-efficient: Not only does the increased speed of cleaning mean less down time, but the ease in which regular cleaning and maintenance can be carried out leads to optimal function of machinery and increased life expectancy.

As technology continues to advance, and more and more professionals turn to this efficient and environmentally sound approach, the advantages of using high pressure water jetting within the mining industry is only expected to become more widespread.

Perth based WOMA supply both purchasing and rental options of superior grade industrial high pressure water jetting equipment to the mining industry. As a market trailblazer their expertise is welcomed on both a national and global scale. The company has pioneered the leading technique of such technology. In addition to supplying the equipment, they also play a pivotal role in the development of health and safety industry regulations for everyone involved in the use of high pressure water jetting.

Their industry-leading proficiency means that they work with companies to provide tailormade solutions to business needs. The WOMA consultancy service determines the specific requirements needed within the mining situation and creates the safest, most cost-effective solution from start to finish.

For more information on how WOMA can help your company take advantage of the latest high pressure water jetting technology, visit their website at www.woma.com.au, or call for a no-obligation chat on 08 9434 6622.

* https://www.researchgate.net/publication/262746835_A_progress_report_on_ultra-high-pressure_waterjet_cutting_underground_The_future_of_narrow_reef_gold_and_PGE_mining

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