Time to Win Runescape 07 Gold with Up to 9% off for Fossil Island Until Sep.18

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Time to Win Runescape 07 Gold with Up to 9% off for Fossil Island Until Sep.18

In their never ending quest for information the curators of Varrock Museum have discovered a new island which they hope will unlock the forgotten past of Gielinor. For those who have completed the Digsite Quest and have 100 Kudos, talk to Curator Haig Halen and rs 07 gold cheap to start your adventure adventurers' guide to Fossil Island.In the Autumn Season we brought in an XP cap that limited combat XP to 1 million XP per day. We received lots of feedback on this cap, so for the Winter Season we are capping this XP at 500k per day, or 750k per day in Attack and Strength. Hitpoints is not included in this cap.

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Volcanic Mine

If you like to go some hot when adventuring then this is the place for you. The majestic arched caverns are a picturesque back drop for the glittering caves you and your friends can spend your time mining fragments the special rocks to trade in for ore. First though, make sure you have 180 Kudos and 50 mining. If you die in the mine we have someone who will retrieve your items and keep them for when you return, however any Hardcore Ironmen will lose their status.

nderwater adventures

Everyone likes to go diving and the unique reefs surrounding Fossil Island give you the opportunity to dust off that old fishbowl helmet you have sitting in the back of the closet and explore a brand new environment. Fortunately the mermaids that inhabit the area seem particularly helpful and will return you to the surface if you run out of air.


Of course, no adventure is complete without a death defying battle with some monsters. The curators Varrock Museum have discovered three new breeds of wyverns which had thought to have been extinct up to this point.Fossil Island has far too many activities to be mentioned in one guide, but here are a list of other activities you can find.Help the museum staff by giving them some badly needed amenities and help build their camp using your construction skill.Clean your fossil finds and add them to display cases in Varrock Museum's new floor.

Craft a birdhouse trap, fill it with seeds and wait for an unsuspecting cute ball of feathers to be brutally murdered so you can collect its feathers.Track a new type of beast, part animal, part plant. It wanders over a wide range, and can be tricky to follow through the mushroom forest. Once you have found and stunned the beast and harvested it, let it go free to grow new herbs.Any left over fossils your activities can be chemically treated in the mycellium pool and turned back into enriched bones. These can be used else on the island to gain prayer XP.If you're bored of chipping away at the same old tree, hunt down the sulliuscep mushroom in the dangerous tar swamp of the island. It doesn't regrow in the same place, being a mushroom it will pop up else in the swamp.
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