Pneumatic Actuators: A Complete Overview

Posted September 18, 2020 by airmite01

Also referred to as pneumatic cylinders, these actuators get widely used in those industries where the use of electricity is highly prohibited.

Did you know that at least once a day, you come across an actuator at your home or work? Pneumatic actuators today get used in nearly every industry around the globe. But, what makes these actuators so prominent?

Pneumatic actuators are considered to be a safe, efficient, and reliable source of energy. All it does is convert pressurized gas or air into energy with the motive of keeping the functioning of a mechanism smooth. If you are confused about what these actuators are, here is a complete overview of these actuators:

What are Pneumatic Actuators?

Also referred to as pneumatic cylinders, these actuators get widely used in those industries where the use of electricity is highly prohibited. The primary function of any pneumatic cylinder is to provide a regular supply of power to a valve that is present within a mechanism.

What are The Applications of Actuators?

Since you already know the versatile nature of these actuators, here are just a few of the industries in which they get used:

#1. Chemical and Processes Industries

Since these industries make use of hazardous and toxic chemicals, pneumatic cylinders or actuators are highly prominent in this field. This is because, through these actuators, one can ensure the safety and reliability in the workplace. Equipped with the ability to regulate high pressures and temperatures, these actuators are used in chemical and processes industries, around the world.

#2. Manufacturing Industry

The use of these actuators in the manufacturing industry has become quite renowned since these actuators can work for longer hours with little to no downtime. Moreover, they need minimum maintenance. Hence, it becomes the perfect fit for the manufacturing industry.

#3. Electronic Industry

In the electronics industry, the pneumatic cylinders or actuators play a significant role. This is because, within the electronics industry, there is the handling, assembling, and testing of tiny electronic components. Since all such processes have to get executed quickly with maximum precision, the electronic industry finds its solution in these actuators.

What are the benefits of using these actuators?

Here are a few of the many benefits of using these actuators:

#1. Cheap and Reliable Components

Cheap, reliable, and easily available pneumatic system components are amongst the chief benefits of using these actuators. Though the chances of replacements are very low, there would still be a reassurance that you would be able to find pneumatic system components at an affordable price at any time of the year.

#2. Extremely Safe

Since these actuators do not make use of any electricity or fuel, there are virtually zero chances of fires, sparks, or leaks. Hence, they are extremely safe to use in the workplace.

#3. Highly Durable

Since they get equipped with the ability to withstand strong vibrations, these actuators are highly durable. The chances of an actuator breaking down are low because they are made out of a few numbers of components.

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