Top 4 Types Of Pneumatic Actuators

Posted October 4, 2022 by airmite01

Now, that you have learnt about the various types of pneumatic actuators, how about actually purchasing one based on your business needs?

Pneumatic actuators are essentially components that convert energy from compressed air into mechanical motion. These actuators usually command high importance in most sectors including healthcare where specialized actuators have been used in the past to replace human muscle tissue in some types of prosthetic limbs. If you are on the work site, you will likely see several types of pneumatic system components. In this post, we have detailed the top 4 types among them.

Rotary Actuators

By far, the most common type of actuators are the standard rotary actuators. These actuators essentially generate standard rotational motion when they receive energy in the form of compressed air. They are often put to a number of different uses and can be predominantly seen in the petrochemical industry and tiny analog gauges. Besides being incredibly versatile, these actuators are quite easy to use as well.

Tie-rod cylinders

Generally speaking, people associate tie-rod cylinders with hydraulics, though there are pneumatic versions available too and they don’t offer any of the drawbacks that their fluid-filled counterparts are known for. These cylinders are usually extremely sturdy and are thus perfect for industrial factory settings that demand beefy equipment. The tie-rod cylinders also offer an added advantage of being scalable. This means these cylinders are usually available in smaller sizes for situations where there is no need for something massive and in larger sizes for cases where each part in the air circuit is required to do the maximum amount of work possible.

Vacuum Generators

Vacuum generators basically convert potential energy from the flow of compressed air into the usable vacuum, which in turn powers other components attached to the system. They are often used for providing suction to countless applications such as, where someone needs to collect powder and transport it somewhere else. As well as in situations where there is a need to remove debris. In fact, in simple sense, this pneumatic system component isn’t too far off from how consumer-grade vacuum cleaner equipment works.


The next time you need a tool to grasp something in your workshop, give pneumatic grippers a try. These actuators basically look like little fingers and offer either parallel or angular motion. Skilled technicians often combine them with other pneumatic components to build what some people call a “pick and place” installation, which allows components to be picked up and then dropped down in some other location. Semiconductor companies, on the contrary, have long used small grippers to handle delicate transistors and microchips.

Now, that you have learnt about the various types of pneumatic actuators, how about actually purchasing one based on your business needs? Get in touch with Airmite and buy premium quality, highly rated actuators at the most affordable prices today.

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