Not all Cat Litter Crystals and Scratching Posts Will Stop Your Cat from Destroying Your House!

Posted February 23, 2021 by AnaBrenda

If you want to keep a cat as a pet, then you need to be responsible for its wellbeing.

What Type of Cat Scratching Post Does Your Cat Want?

If you want to keep a cat as a pet, then you need to be responsible for its wellbeing. So, you need to learn what needs it has and what the best methods to take care of these needs are. And there are 2 types of needs that will affect you directly. And if you do not have the supplies needed to cover these needs, then your house will be the one that suffers the consequences. You will need cat litter crystals and a cat scratching post to avoid these types of problems. But if you want to make sure that the supplies that you buy are the best alternative for your pet, then you need to make sure that they meet specific requirements. For example, the cat scratcher has 3 requirements that it must meet.

• Proper height. You need to know that all cats must regularly use their claws. Otherwise, they will continue to grow and start harming the cat. So, as a cat owner, you will need to provide your pet with a cat scratcher to make sure that your furniture does not become one. And the first requirement of a proper scratcher is its height. Most cats love to stretch at the same time as they scratch. So, the size of the scratcher must allow your pet to stretch as much as it wants.
• Stable. Another requirement that the scratcher must meet is its stability. If it is not stable enough, then your cat will never use it. It will most likely try it once, get scared by its instability, and never try it again. The instincts of your pet will be triggered by an unstable scratcher and make your pet avoid it next time. So, if you do not want to have scratches all around the house, then you need to make sure that the cat scratching post that you will buy is stable enough.
• High quality. The last requirement is the quality of the scratcher. You need to make sure that the material is resistant enough. The more time you can use the scratcher, the better. Also, the scratcher must not break easily and make a mess in your house. If you want to make sure that you buy the best possible scratcher for your pet, then you will need to find a reliable online shop.

Why Are Cat Litter Crystals the Best Alternative?

Another type of pet supplies that will help you take proper care of your pet and make sure that it does not make a mess in your house is cat litter crystals. There are many types of litter that you will be able to find on the market, but the crystal type is the best alternative. How so? Well, there are several reasons for that. Similar to the cat scratching post, it provides a lot of advantages that will make the process of taking care of your pet easier.

• Absorbs the smell. Almost all other alternatives are not able to absorb the smell created by your cat’s needs. Other types of litter will at most cover the smell and not absorb or eliminate it. So, if you want to avoid the smell from spreading in your house, then you should only use litter based on crystals. But you need to keep in mind that there are many brands that you will find. So, you need to do a little research and find the best alternative for your cat's needs.
• Absorbs higher liquid quantity. Another advantage that this type of litter has is the higher quantity of liquid that can absorb compared with the other alternative. That means that you will be able to use it for longer periods and buy smaller quantities. So, even if the price of cat litter crystals is higher than other alternatives. In the long term, you may even spend less money on it.
• Does not stick to the paws. The last advantage that this type of litter has, is the fact that it does not stick to the paws of your cat. So, it will not be spread all-around your house. You can be sure that your house will be much cleaner if you use this type of litter instead of other alternatives. And you will need to spend a lot less time cleaning after your cat.

Where Can You Find the Best Cat Scratching Post and Litters for Your Cat?

As mentioned above, you will need to find a reliable shop from where to buy all the supplies, such as the cat scratching post and cat litter crystals, that your pet will need. And the best alternative that you will find is an online pet shop. Why? Well, firstly, you will be able to find all the products and the best brands that you need. Also, there are 3 other advantages that you can expect to get from purchasing pet supplies from an online shop.

• You only need a few minutes to shop online. If you buy the pet supplies from a street shop, then you will waste at least 1 hour each week. And that is a lot of time that you will lose over the years. On the other hand, if you find a reliable online shop, then you can massively reduce the wasted time. You will be able to spend more time with your pet or take care of other important tasks.
• You do not need to carry anything home. Another advantage is the fact that you will not need to carry the supplies from the shop to your house. All online shops have home delivery. Also, you can buy larger quantities of cat litter crystals and food without any problems. And you can even get free delivery if you do that.
• The prices are more reasonable. The last advantage that an online pet shop has is the lower price that most products have. Keep in mind that the online competition is immense. So, an online pet shop must sell its products at the lowest possible prices to be able to compete with other shops.
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