The Benefits of a Cat Scratching Post

Posted March 17, 2020 by AnaBrenda

Looking after a cat implies plenty responsibilities. Pets require a lot of care and supplies and owners need to attend their needs.

Looking after a cat implies plenty responsibilities. Pets require a lot of care and supplies and owners need to attend their needs. Of course, it is all worth it, because in return they offer unconditional love and even health benefits that can’t be overlooked. Some people love cats, but hesitate thinking they will scratch furniture and everything in the house. This is less likely to happen when a cat scratching post exists. Such supplies are essential, along with cat litter crystals to promote a clean environment.

Why Buy a Cat Scratching Post?

Many owners might not consider a cat scratching post necessary and think they don’t need one, but sooner or later, they will come to the conclusion that it is indeed essential. It is a piece of furniture that will sit around the house, covered in rope or carpeting, but it has a great purpose: to redirect your feline’s natural tendencies and not scratch your beloved furniture. Cats need to scratch and it is in their natural, it is healthy for them. Living inside the house does not mean they have to give up the habit.

In case you have a kitten at home or plan to get one, you will find out how much energy it has. Soon enough, your furry friend will attach to the new home easier once they have a place of their own. Some scratching post are quite interesting, with a resting area, with toys hanging and other interactive parts where cats can spend time. If the post has hanging elements, your pet will play with them and more likely, it will use the post. This means your investment is worth it, especially when you see how joyful your kitty is every day.

Why Use Cat Litter Crystals

Cat owners are always looking into ways of improving the experiences they have with pets. This is why they invest in great supplies and want to make sure their feline is safe and sound, feeling happy in its home. One way to clean easier after cats is buying cat litter crystals . They are made from silicate and absorb moisture better. Granules are super light, which means it is easier to purchase and carry around the bags, including emptying the box. There is no need to do heavy lifting anymore.

Whenever cats use the litter box, they leave traces behind them, as particles remain on their fur and paws and end up scattered throughout the house. This is extremely unpleasant, but the good news is that crystals perform better, because a smaller amount of dust will remain behind your pets and you can clean up easier and faster. More to it, crystal litters are hygienic and this is thanks to the ability of locking in moisture. Bacteria and mold are less likely to develop.

Some brands have taken things further and designed a color code for crystal litter. This means it will change color when you have to replace it, being full of liquid. Changing the litter will become easier than ever, as you will always know in advance what to do. It is always worth looking into innovative cat supplies. At the end of the day, they will save you great effort and your feline will be more satisfied and happier. Crystals along with a quality cat scratching post make a worthy investment.

Owners view scratching as a bad habit, because they had some unpleasant experiences and cats scratched their furniture, plants, drapes, and such. However, scratching is healthy for cats, maintaining their claws in good shape and helping them exercise and have a good health, reduce stress as well. Healthy cats will scratch and you can buy a post to focus their attention in a single place and not on your beloved items. At first, you can lure the cat into using the post. For instance, place some catnip on it or some treats and their behavior will chance before you know it.

Everything you need for your pet is available at a pet shop and you can always find some new products that turn out to be very useful and your companion will adore them. Looking after furry friends is easier when you have a reliable shop to purchase everything from. Take for example cat litter crystals and how beneficial they turn out to be. Many switched to them and don’t regret it for a second. Your cat will accept the new type if you introduce it gradually and observe its behavior.
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