The Use and Benefits of Puppy Training Pads

Posted May 15, 2022 by AnaBrenda

A puppy is a bundle of joy, with so much energy and love to offer. When you bring it at home, it loves to explore and sniff everything.

A puppy is a bundle of joy, with so much energy and love to offer. When you bring it at home, it loves to explore and sniff everything. However, since it is not trained yet, it might be frustrating for owners to always clean around the house and watch over the puppy and where it releases itself. The good news is that puppy training pads exist, and they are highly useful, because it makes cleaning so much easier.

What is more, they can be placed inside the puppy pen, and you can rest assured that your puppy will not get into trouble, chew something they shouldn’t, or even get injured. Especially when you are not around, and you are unable to watch the little one, it is best to have a confined space where they can stay. People should not confuse the pen with a restrictive space, because it can be big enough to allow the pup to move around, play, and it can be a safe space for it.

What Are Puppy Training Pads

Many people want to know if puppy training pads are worth using and what are their properties. They do have a lot of advantages, but the key is to know how to use them and for what period. If you have a pup at home or even a senior dog, they are very efficient, and makes the cleaning process a lot easier to handle. At least you will not come home to find surprises on the carpet, on the couch, or even under the furniture. Your pup will use the pads, at least until you train it to go only outside.

The key aspect is that pads are very absorbent. They have many layers of materials, and they are waterproof, meaning liquids will not get through to reach the floor. Watch your companion and where it uses to relieve itself, and place the pad there, so you can train it to do their business only in that place. Dogs tend to go wherever they smell their territory and in the same places. When the pad is full, simply toss it away and pull out a fresh one.

No one likes the smell of urine, and the moment you enter the house, you know that your pup went somewhere. This will no longer be an issue, because puppy training pads have odor eliminating properties, and some versions are scented. The smell of urine is trapped inside, and your home will smell clean and fresh. Eventually, you can give them up gradually once your pup grows and you are able to take it outside for walks, several times per day.

Why Use a Puppy Pen

Another product that is highly used by dog owners is the puppy pen . It is the ideal solution to provide the pup with their personal space. It has fences, protecting your companion from getting into different situations, causing mischiefs, or even getting harmed. When you bring it home for the first time, and in the first couple of weeks, it is best to protect it as much as possible. Maybe you are not always around, keeping an eye on them, so offering a safe space is highly recommended.

Puppies can exercise, play, move around the pen freely, instead of being secured in a certain part of the house. You can position the play pen inside or outside the house, so you can easily watch over the little one while you have chores or while you are away. There are different materials available, different shapes, and sizes, so you can easily accommodate your pet in one of the models.

Range of options

A puppy pen can be quite intriguing for both owners and dogs, and many models have extra features, areas for food and water bowls, toys, and even rest areas. You can always position a blanket or a bed inside the pen, so that the little one feels comfortable enough to take long naps. As for the materials used, you can find products made from wood, wire, plastic, and canvas.

Depending on the use of the puppy pen, and where it will be positioned, you can choose plastic or wire models, because they withstand weather conditions, and wear and tear. If you plan to use the pen inside the house, then a more pleasing design is suited, such as products made from wood or soft padded ones. Instead of buying a new pen when your pup grows, you can find expandable designs that fit different growing dog breeds.


A puppy pen is different than a crate because it provides more room for your pup to move around, and exercise. This means that house training will be more difficult, since the pup has enough space to use the pen as a toilet as well. Many dogs cannot accommodate within a crate, and owners need to purchase a pen to allow them more space and a friendlier ambiance.

For care in general, it is best to get a pen, to allow the pup to have enough moving space, and not consider it as confinement. Not to mention that your home will be protected in the process, and your furniture will not be chewed every day. In case you know the dog likes to chew through everything, then pay attention to the material from which the pen is crafted, so that you don’t come home one day and witness the escape artist running free inside the house.

Where to Find Diverse Puppy Training Pads

No matter the dog breed you have and its size, you can find many puppy training pads on the market these days. If you currently house train the pup, take the pad outside and place it in the garden. The pup will follow the scent.

Pads are available in many sizes and types, to accommodate the needs of adult dogs as well. Perhaps you have a senior dog or one that has been through surgery or treatment and is unable to go outside. You can easily avoid accidents and smells within the house.
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