What Is a Puppy Pen and How You Can Use It

Posted June 12, 2022 by AnaBrenda

Everyone loves puppies, when they are young, they are so playful, lovable, but at the same time they require plenty attention and care.

Everyone loves puppies, when they are young, they are so playful, lovable, but at the same time they require plenty attention and care. They have to be supervised, because they get into some trouble by snooping around the house, chewing what they should not chew, relieve themselves over carpets, furniture, and even put themselves in danger. When you are unable to look after them, you can use a puppy pen in your favor. 

It becomes their personal space, where they can play, sleep, eat, and be safe. In the meantime, you can do any chores you have, go to school, work, and such. To make the situation of looking after puppies even easier, until you train them to go outside, use puppy training pads. These are disposable and can be placed in a certain place. When they are used, simply throw them away and lay another fresh pad. 

What Is a Puppy Pen 

A https://www.petshopdirect.com.au/shop/category/puppy-pens--gates puppy pen is an enclosed space where your pup can move freely, feel safe, and give you peace of mind knowing that they are safe, and not roam around the house getting in trouble. Pens are available in different sizes and shapes, to aim at all possible breeds, and ages. In fact, such products are suited for senior dogs or those who are under some kind of treatment, for owners to keep them under supervision and make sure they are staying calm and secure. 

A pen can be designed from metal or plastic, with or without mesh. Some models are even foldable, so you can store them easier when not in use. You can even travel with one, especially if you go to a new location and want to take your little furry friend along. Instead of keeping them in a leash all the time, they can enjoy the air and have great visibility inside the pen. Not to mention you always know about their whereabouts. 

One of the greatest benefits is that your pup will have a large area to stay in, compared to a cage that has limited space, and your pup can simply stand or sit in it. You can even keep several puppies inside, so they can play together and keep each other company. The most important thing is to choose a puppy pen tall enough so that your canine cannot jump out of, or with small bar spacing, so they don’t escape through the gaps. 

Why Use Puppy Training Pads 

Raising and training a puppy is challenging sometimes, especially when you have to potty train  them. Surely some accidents occur along the way, and your little one will use the carpet or furniture as their toilets. At a young age you can begin to train them to go outside, but until then,  https://www.petshopdirect.com.au/shop/category/puppy-training-pads puppy training pads come in handy. These products are highly absorbent, they can be placed in various places around the house or in the playpen. 

Although the name suggests that they are aimed towards puppies, it is not the case. They are quite versatile, because puppy training pads are suitable for senior dogs that have incontinency issues or are unable to go outside due to their degenerating health. Even pups under treatment or after surgery benefit from the products, since they can be placed beneath them. It is easier to clean after them this way. 

Convenience and ease of use 

Puppy training pads are very convenient for owners. Instead of staying at home and observing your pup all day long and wondering when they will go to relieve themselves, simply put a pad inside the house, and they will be drawn to it. This is possible due to the pheromones that manufacturers put in them. They attract your pooch, and train them to use the pad only. 

Of course, when it is time to train the pup to go outside, you can take the training pad and place it on the ground. Gradually, they will begin to do only outside, especially if you use some rewards. Some puppy training pads are scented, to cover up the smell even more, although the majority of them absorb the moisture very well. They come in different sizes and shapes, to suit all breeds and ages. 

Arranging the space 

Preparing your home for the puppy is essential. Before you bring it home, you should have some accessories around, such as the training pads, food, treats, a bed, some toys, and a puppy pen. This way, you will not be taken by surprise, and other supplies can be bought additionally, along the way. With so many pet shops around, it will not be an issue to find whatever you need. 

The puppy pen must be designed out of durable materials, and stainless steel is one of the most common ones. It is versatile, easy to clean and sanitize, and it looks good wherever you place it. If you want to use it in the future, as your pup grows or for other future companions, purchase an expandable model or one that is best suited for the breed you have, so you have peace of mind throughout the day. 

What Pen Is Suitable 
Your furry friend should have enough space inside the pen to rest, move around, play, and feel like that space is their sanctuary. In fact, even when they grow older, if the pen is still around, dogs will use it as their safe space. People should not confuse the pen with the cage, because there are great differences between them. 

Your pup deserves the best treatment, the best care, and high-quality supplies. Accommodating it in your home is an important process, and you should also invest time in training them, especially potty training. This will give you peace of mind in the future, and you don’t have to worry too much about your belongings. Dogs have so much love to offer, they are faithful, playful, and they respect owners, so always treat them right and pamper them with the best products. 
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