What Rabbit Food Is Appropriate for Your Furry Friend

Posted March 17, 2022 by AnaBrenda

Having a pet in the house is the most rewarding and loving feeling.

Having a pet in the house is the most rewarding and loving feeling. A furry friend will always be by your side, loves you unconditionally, and relies on your affection and nurture nature. No matter what type of animal you have, you need to properly care for it, and provide the necessary food, toys, supplements, bedding, care supplies, and more. Rabbit food is essential to keep your pet in good health and look after its teeth in the same time.

The good news is that there are so many options on the market. It is overwhelming when you enter a pet shop, because you never know what to choose, and which products are reliable, and have safe ingredients. A pet’s diet needs to be varied and complete, to assure all the nutrients, minerals, and vitamins. This means that you should read labels, and find out more about the manufacturer. For instance, Ziwi Peak cat food is a good example of a high-quality brand that used great ingredients.

Why Rabbit Food Matters

Because of the way their bodies digest food, rabbits have specific requirements, and if you don’t follow the guidelines, then soon enough your companion will get sick. In order to have a healthy and active rabbit, you need to know as much as possible about https://www.petshopdirect.com.au/shop/category/rabbit-guinea-pig-food rabbit food , and the truth is that there aren’t many complications, and you can easily look after your companion.

What is important to note is that your pet requires a varied and balanced diet, to obtain the necessary amount of fiber and moisture, in order to keep their digestive system in good condition. Among the best elements to include in their diet, you will find high-quality grass hay, pellets, leafy vegetables, small pieces of fruit and occasionally carrots, and water. Although you may see in movies and cartoons that rabbits eat only carrots, it is not recommended to do the same with your pet.

Rabbits need to chew food and have grass hay always at their disposal, in order to maintain their intestinal health but also to wear down the constantly growing teeth. Your companion should never run out of hay, and you don’t have to pick it on your own, but purchase it directly from a pet shop. Even at this chapter there are different types of hay to look into. For example, alfalfa is very high in calcium and protein, and should not be given as main food, but as a treat.

Why Focus on Ziwi Peak Cat Food

There are many subjects around cat food, because people have different opinions, some cats like certain foods better than others, and there are also specialists who point out what felines must eat. A raw diet is certainly among the best options, because it improves their digestion, offers more energy, keeps their health under control, reduces stool volume and odor, and keeps the urinary tract healthy. Since you can’t go out and hunt for your cat, you can purchase https://www.petshopdirect.com.au/shop/category/ziwi-peak-cat-food Ziwi Peak cat food instead.

Highly processed food is never healthy, neither for humans nor for animals. Many pet parents investigate the healthiest options, and raw feedings are among them. Ziwi has air-dried formulas, which are different compared with freeze-dried options. The company has more than two decades experience in this field, and develops products for cats and dogs. Their main goal is to come up with superior nutrition that makes a difference.

Ziwi Peak Cat Food Objectives

Ziwi Peak cat food is a complete and balanced meal, so you don’t have to give your feline other supplements. It is easy to digest and palatable, so all the nutrients are absorbed. Cats that don’t drink enough water will obtain more moisture from this food, compared with dried or kibble. You can keep it at room temperature, which is highly convenient, in case your cat is fussy when it received cold food.

The company researched and developed the products after three years of research, to reveal an alternative to air-drying meats, containing no preservatives and no chemicals. Raw meat has a short shelf life, especially if it hasn’t gone through any preservation process. Air-drying means that the meat reduces its moisture content gently, so that it doesn’t spoil or develop pathogenic growth.

Ziwi Makes a Difference

Ziwi Peak cat food is different, because the company is family owned, and all products are made in their facility, they don’t outsource or allow other brands to produce it. Other brands’ ingredients will not accidentally get in the food, and this is an important consideration, especially for people who are worried about what their feed their companions.

Unfortunately, cat owners never know the source of the ingredients, and even though in many cases on the list appears a high percentage of meat, where does it come from? Ziwi uses meat from New Zealand farms, from grass-fed animals and sustainably-sourced seafood. The Omega 3 levels are higher, not to mention the other nutritional benefits.

How to Choose Rabbit Food

Rabbits are what they eat, and domestic bunnies have the same requirements as their wild cousins. They require a high percentage of hay or fresh grass to always chew, and this should be available throughout the day. You should never run out of this rabbit food, but the good news is that you can find big boxes at pet shops, and always provide your pet with the necessary supplies.

Their teeth continue to grow constantly, and they need the fibrous hay to wear them down. If their teeth overgrow, they are not able to eat normally, and you have to take your furry friend to a vet to grind them down. This is not comfortable, and you can avoid this by offering hay, which is always the better alternative.

All pets should be able to expose and express their natural behavior, and rabbits like to spend most of the day foraging and nibbling. If you encourage this behavior with proper rabbit food, then your companion will be happy and satisfied.
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