Increasing Demand for Air Compressors from Various Businesses Will Drive Industry

Posted November 8, 2023 by Ananyjoshi

Air compressors are termed by many as one of the biggest inventions of modern times. Air compressors are exactly what they sound like.

Air compressors are termed by many as one of the biggest inventions of modern times. Air compressors are exactly what they sound like. They compress air. But what happens when air is compressed? In laymen’s language, a lot of kinetic energy is produced, which can used instantly or stored for later use, from decorative balloons to the air in the tires of our cars.

Before we talk about the usages of air compressor, let’s understand in a little detail about how they work and impact the lives of the people. As it is already mentioned, air compressors basically compress air. This machine pushes the air with great force and compacts it in a much smaller space. As physics has taught us, when the molecules are compressed, the basic behavior of the molecules changes. This compression leads to the formation of kinetic energy.

Uses of compressed air

The air compressed using these devices is used in many ways. It is majorly used to power production equipment, power/pressure cleaning of the parts, and to cool down the components because of the heat generated during production.

Along with its usage to inflate tires, this compressed air is used in the automotive industry for the production of tires, seats fabric, and sanding of the metal exhaust pipes. More importantly, compressed air is very important to make sure that the airbags deploy as designed in the event of a crash.

Types of air compressors

Air compressors are majorly based on two kinds of technologies i.e., positive displacement and dynamic. The positive displacement variants are mainly used in the manufacturing sector. Now, how does it work? Let’s understand in simple language.

Positive displacement compressors main a constant output volume, but varies the pressure at which the fluid is expelled from the machine. On the other hand, dynamic air compressors maintain the output at a constant pressure, but vary the volume of the fluid coming out of them.

Air compressor that are heavy-duty have a better market placement, as they are widely used in industries in Indonesia, Malaysia, and the Philippines. However, ASEAN air compressor market players are working on portable air compressors that could be used in drills, nail guns, sprayers, etc.

Air compressors are used in various industries, including construction, power, HVAC-R, automotive, chemical & cement, food & beverage, industrial manufacturing, oil & gas, textile, healthcare, research, and agriculture. Among these, industrial manufacturing is the most significant presently as compressed air is used for a wide range of manufacturing processes, essentially anywhere pressurized air or gas is required. The major applications of these devices in the industrial sector include stamping, power tools, clamping, tool cleaning, actuators, and controls.

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