Cold Laser Therapy Help Tendons To Heal

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In the body, tendons are usually under an increased amount of stress and strain. Eventually, after some time, the muscles become injured due to pressure and stress.

In the body, tendons are usually under an increased amount of stress and strain. Eventually, after some time, the muscles become injured due to pressure and stress. However, Cold Laser therapy offers an excellent treatment to help the tendon repair faster. But before we jump into the repair mechanism, let's consider tendons injuries.
In the human body, tendons serve as ropes. They connect the contractile muscle in the body to the bones. When the muscles contract, they yield a force that is transmitted through to the tendons and the bones. In a single pull, muscles can develop a tremendous amount of energy. Tendons are also capable of absorbing your body's forces from walking, running, and jumping. Generally, cords are designed to absorb forces, but with repeated stress and trauma, they become injured.
A good example is your hammock in your backyard. The end of the hammock is securely attached to trees by a rope. When in the hammock, a tremendous force is transferred from the bed to the tree by the ropes. When swaying in the hammock, the rope fibers start fraying. As time goes by, this process causes the tissues to become damaged. The level of damaged varies from one day to another. Finally, the rope becomes severely damaged. But most of us wait until the cord is severely damaged to begin fixing the repairs.
Tendon Injuries
The hammock rope is a beautiful analogy for tendons. Given that tendons are the body's rope for transferring muscle pulling power from the tissue to the bones. When attached to the bone, the tendons commonly transmit all the force.
Just like ropes, the tendons can fray with repeated stress. The body will try to heal the fraying muscles, but at times the ligaments break faster compared to the repair process; thus, this may lead to tendinitis.
For instance, when you hurt a tendon that is attached to your knee, you want to heal and repair quickly. But with every step, you take you to place stress and strain on the tendon. The level of damage varies from one day to another. Some days you will repair the muscle more than the damaging. The main aim is repairing the tendons faster than you are damaging it.
The healing and damaging process take place continuously unit about 70-80% are healed. At this point, there are only three steps forward and one way back. With time the tendons become strong enough to handle daily stress making the healing process almost 100%.
Physical therapy is also one way to increase your healing process to 80%. Different treatments help accomplish this healing.
Cold Laser Therapy Benefits Depend On The Power Of The Laser
Lasers are not equal, and some lasers are more powerful than others. This means that the results from Class IV lasers cannot be compared to class III. However, most offices have a class III laser.
The main reason behind Cold Laser therapy is to take care of fraying tendons early. But in case you have them, you should deal with them immediately.
Chronic Tendon Injuries
They are known to develop facial adhesion or scar tissue. The body works to replace the scar tissue as quickly as possible. However, in some injuries, the scar tissue continues to accumulate, leading to structurally weak areas hence chronic tendon injuries.

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