Is Stem Cell Therapy effective for Stroke patients?

Posted October 16, 2020 by atlantamedicine

Stem cell treatment along with rehabilitation therapies in stroke patients holds the potential to restore improve recovery, and motor functions.

Stroke is becoming an increasingly common cause of disability. Left untreated, it may lead to permanent brain damage. Fortunately, stem cells can stimulate formation of new brain tissue and blood vessels. Stem cell treatment along with rehabilitation therapies in stroke patients holds the potential to restore improve recovery, and motor functions.

A stroke results when blood supply to the vital parts of the brain is reduced or blocked. This interruption in blood supply may be caused in two ways –
• Ischemic Stroke: Blood clots block the normal flow of blood supply to the brain
• Hemorrhagic Stroke: A blood vessel in the brain bursts
Since the brain needs an excellent supply of oxygenated blood, interrupted or blocked flow can result in cell death and tissue damage. The effects of this damage depend on the location and extent of brain damage.

Stroke Symptoms

The common symptoms of stroke include –
• A drooped look on one side of the face due to facial muscles’ paralysis
• Inability to lift one or both the arms due to upper body numbness
• Slurred speech
• Headache due to accumulated blood or clots in the brain
• Drooping eyelid on the side affected by paralysis
• Impaired vision and hearing
• Loss of balance and unsteady gait
• Trouble while swallowing

Urgent medical attention can reduce risk of severe consequences.

Stem cell therapy for Stroke

Brain cells are unable to repair themselves, if damaged. However, stem cells present a high likelihood of repairing the damaged tissues, thereby restoring the lost ability. These stem cells lie dormant but have the ability to generate vital brain cells - neurons and glia, when harvested from the body and sent to the location of damage.

Stem cells are ideal for treating a range of degenerative and inflammatory diseases. Autologous mesenchymal stem cells can be derived from an individual’s own adipose (fat) tissue. These cells can –
• aid repair and regeneration of damaged neural cells after a stroke, there by accelerating the healing process
• reduce further damage by reducing the chances of secondary neuroinflammatory cascades, and
• provide better outcomes

While stroke stem cell treatment cannot completely reverse the symptoms of a stroke but improves favorable improvement in patients.

Anyone may suffer a stroke due various risk factors, such as family history, hypertension, excessive smoking and unhealthy dietary habits. It is recommended that you remain physically active, develop a healthy lifestyle and avoid smoking to reduce your risk of stroke.

If a loved one has suffered a stroke, find out whether they are a good candidate for stem cell treatment at a stem cell treatment clinic.

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