Check Out These 5 Signs to Know When Your Car Needs Repair

Posted October 22, 2018 by Autosurefit

Cars need regular servicing, especially after a certain time period or miles. If you are not regular with these ‘routine check-ups’, you will end up facing issues in the long run.

You can ignore some quirks that surface while you are driving; unless they are one of these 5 symptoms that require immediate attention.

I. An engine warning light

Also known as the check engine light, you will see this yellow or red light blinking on the dashboard just beside the steering. Most of the modern cars are efficient enough in conveying to you any problem with the engine right when they crop up.

So, take it for an immediate check to one of your nearest garages, so that you can solve any issue related to the engine at the earliest. Some cars also have one of these lights to remind you of the next servicing date.

You can take it to service stations like Auto Surefit for the checks and go for repairs if needed. They are also one of the best facilitators for a class 4 MOT in Wolverhampton.

II. Odd noises

Any unordinary noise coming from your car is a matter of concern. Look for any of these sounds before it gets too late –

• A louder exhaust which could reflect damage with the exhaust system.
• Irregular noise from the engine could mean it is misfiring or engine oil is running out.
• A squealing sound while braking points towards worn out brake pads.
• A loose belt may cause whining from under the bonnet.

These are strong indicators pointing toward an emerging issue that needs fixing.

III. Engine smoke

Overheating issues are common with engines. It may not be a major issue, yet you should go for a check at a professional auto garage to maintain optimum performance.

There are different types of engine smoke which can help you ascertain the root cause. For example, when you see blue smoke, it can be a result of –

• Worn-out pistons
• Broken valve seals
• Excessive gas leak
• Worn out oil seals
• Failure of the head gasket

When you see such smoke, stop the vehicle immediately and call for breakdown assistance.

IV. Vibration when braking

A vibration when applying the brakes points towards suspension issues, worn out brake pads or discs. Whatever be the reason, it’s not safe to drive in such conditions.

You also need to check the tyre tread depth which should not be below 1.6 mm, because a worn out tyre also creates difficulty in stopping the car.

V. Bumpy rides

It’s time to take your car for a check when speed bumps or sudden jerks start causing more problems than they used to before. Loose car components can cause this issue.

It may sound quite obvious that you need to take your car for fixing when it has failed an MOT in Wolverhampton. However, regular checks won’t be sufficient after such failures. Check out the areas your car failed in and go for an extensive repair as it raises serious safety issues with your car.

That’s it for the day. Take good care of your vehicle and enjoy safe rides!
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