5 Amazing Benefits and Uses of Neem Oil for Plants

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Neem Oil for Plants is a popular organic pesticide and fungal used worldwide on floral and vegetable plants.

Natural substances (such as essential oils) are increasingly being considered as a possible
alternative to agrochemicals in agricultural pest management. The use of neem in
agriculture is not a new practice. In India, traditional farming methods used neem extracts
to control pests and provide nutrients to plants. Neem has a proven function as a fertiliser,
with the organic components found in the plant material improving soil quality and
increasing crop quality and quantity.
So, Neem Oil for Plants is a popular organic pesticide and fungal used worldwide on floral
and vegetable plants. Azadirachtin, which is present in Neem Seeds, is an organic pest and
insect control agent that is commonly used by home growers, balcony and terrace
gardeners, and others to protect their food from fungus, aphids, ants, and other common
pests in urban farms.
Are you looking for organic and pure neem oil for your plants? Buy Gold Dust Neem Oil.
Gold Dust is dedicated to provide chemical-free organic gardening products that are suitable
for pets and children in your home and balcony garden. Gold Dust Neem Oil is insoluble in
water. For simplicity of usage, commercial players dilute it up to 10% with industrial
Despite its many benefits, neem oil is most well-known for its use as a safe and effective
insecticide. Let's look at some of the best neem oil uses and advantages in the garden.
1. It is safe for use around pets.
Synthetic pesticides that function on contact, frequently accumulate in the
environment, creating toxic residue that can injure or even kill pets and other
animals in the region.
Neem oil, on the other hand, is non-toxic and biodegradable. It is not harmful to
birds, pets, fish, livestock, or other animals.
It's natural and biodegradable. Neem oil is a natural derivative of the neem tree
(Azadirachta indica), a native Indian evergreen. As a result, it is organic and
2. It is effective against insects at all phases of development.
Insects are killed by neem oil at all phases of development, including adult, larvae,
and eggs. Azadirachtin, the active component in neem oil, kills insects in several
• As an antifeedant
• As a hormone disruptor
• By smothering
Azadirachtin will force the insect or pest to stop eating the leaves.
When insects come into contact with neem oil, it prevents them from progressing to
the next stage of development by interfering with regulating hormones.

3. Neem cakes can be used as both a fertiliser and an insecticide.
Organic manure, a by-product of cold-pressed neem fruit and kernels, is used to
make neem cake. Neem cake is unique in the way as it serves both- as a pesticide
and a fertiliser. It enrichs the soil by increasing nitrogen availability and aid in the
control of nematodes, white ants, and grubs.
4. It is safe to use on your indoor plants.
Seeing your indoor plants overrun with aphids is one of the worst feelings. Indoors,
neem oil is safe to use to prevent pests and disease. Simply spray the leaves to kill
bugs without fear of injuring your children or household pets.
5. Keep bugs and fungi away from your vegetables.
In the vegetable garden, neem oil serves as both a pesticide and a fungicide. It is
effective against arthropod pests that devour your vegetables, such as tomato
hornworms, corn earworms, aphids, and whiteflies. Furthermore, neem oil prevents
common fungi that occur on vegetable plants, such as:
• Mildews Rusts
• Leaf spots
• Wilts
• Stem rots
Spray your vegetable plants with neem oil in the evening and again in the morning.
Spraying at these times ensures that beneficial insects, such as bees, that pollinate
vegetable plants are not harmed.
Neem Oil for Plants:
Neem Oil for Plants: Neem oil offers numerous benefits other than just safeguarding your
garden. Market sold water soluble neem oils are diluted with emulsifiers, however to get
the absolute goodness from neem oil one must use pure un adulterated neem oil. GOLD
DUST organic neem oil is obtained from cold pressing neem seed kernels.
To check our quality and compare with other water soluble neem oils sold in market you can
check Color : Dark Brown, Smell : Rotten garlic like pungent smell and Viscosity: thick.
Follow simple instruction on the pack to make neem oil water soluble at home. And provide
your plants the best chance against pests attack, healing from disease, and preventing
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