Why You Need Food Intolerance Testing?

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Some food can make us sick even though they are generally healthy. They can trigger food sensitivity symptoms such as digestive and skin problems, headaches or joint pain.

Some food can make us sick even though they are generally healthy. They can trigger food sensitivity symptoms such as digestive and skin problems, headaches or joint pain. Sometimes it can be very difficult to find out which foods cause these reactions. Reactions are often visible only hours after eating the food. A food tolerance test helps identify certain foods that may cause side effects in your body.

What is food intolerance?
Food intolerance is a condition in which the immune system reacts negatively to normally harmless foods and attacks them as if they were harmful bacteria, viruses or other infectious agents. This immune response can range from mild to severe abdominal pain. It can even lead to a life-threatening condition called anaphylactic shock.
Food intolerance is more common in children, affecting more than 5% of children worldwide. Many children outgrow their allergies as they get older. Some of the most common foods that cause food intolerances in most people are milk, soy sauce, Balls, wheat, crusts, Peanuts Nuts such as walnuts, almonds, cashews and pecans. Even a small intolerance can cause life-threatening symptoms in some people. At The Body Mind Centre, we provide you with the best Food Intolerance Testing Weybridge solution in the UK.

What is the food tolerance test used for?
With a food intolerance test, you can find out if your child is allergic to a certain food. It is also used to understand if you are truly allergic to a food or simply sensitive to it. Food intolerance is a reaction of the immune system that affects the organs. This can cause serious health effects. This causes symptoms such as nausea, abdominal pain, diarrhoea and gas. Some common food sensitivities include:
Lactose: Various sugars are found in dairy products.
Gluten: a protein found in barley, wheat and some other grains.
MSG: An additive used in some foods.

Why should I do a food tolerance test?
If you have symptoms related to the condition, or if you have certain risk factors, you can apply for an NHS food intolerance test. Risk factors for developing food intolerance are:
Family history of food intolerance or allergy
All other food allergies
Other allergies, like eczema or hay fever
Food intolerance symptoms often affect different parts of our bodies. Some common parts of the body that show food allergy symptoms include
Skin: The skin is usually the organ where we can detect the first signs of an allergic reaction. Food allergy symptoms that we see on the skin are itching, hives, redness and stinging. In babies, the first symptom of food intolerance is a rash.
Respiratory system: Some food allergies also affect our respiratory system, including the nose, throat and lungs. Common symptoms of food intolerance include coughing, difficulty breathing, wheezing, chest tightness and nasal congestion.
Digestive system: Some food intolerances also have an impact on our digestive system. Common symptoms include swelling or itching of the tongue, abdominal pain, and a metallic taste in the mouth. Certain food intolerances can also cause severe anaphylactic shock, which affects the entire body.
Symptoms of anaphylactic shock include Rapid pulse, Rapid swelling of the lips, throat or tongue Difficulty breathing and tightening of the airways, Pale skin, Dizziness, and Weak feeling. Symptoms can also appear a few seconds after exposure to an allergic substance. Without proper medical care, the condition can even lead to death. A food tolerance test can help you identify such allergies before they become too serious or dangerous.
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