COGNITIVE DISSONANCE TRILOGY + Book Series by Multi Award-Winning Indie Filmmaker/Author Bob Bryan Available on Amazon

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Bryan documents the emotional / psychological / intellectual nightmarish ordeal suffered by himself & Others during the pernicious oppressive COVID-19 Pandemic.

The COGNITIVE DISSONANCE TRILOGY + Book / Kindle Series (GV Docu-Series) conceptualized and spewed by Multi Award-Winning Indie Documentary Filmmaker / Author Bob Bryan is his Diary of Haphazard Musings and Irreverent Paranoid Conclusions.

“I love doing the GV Docu-Series. These productions provided me with the creative opportunity to channel and explore the endless evolution of auto-engineered rationalizations, ingenious permutations, complex psychologies, motivations and perceptions by exceptional individuals who live alongside us in our furiously paced contemporary culture.

It’s fascinating to observe ‘Reality’ and how many divergent pathways and eclectic facets there are to the individual perception and ideation of IT.”

With the COGNITIVE DISSONANCE TRILOGY + Book Series, Bryan succeeds in channeling and documenting the emotional / psychological / intellectual nightmarish ordeal suffered by himself and ‘Others’ during the pernicious and oppressive worldwide COVID-19 Pandemic.

“I just bolted from the mad clutches of ‘The Void’ where I was confined and unable to freely communicate with the outside world. My Words and Thoughts were entombed inside my head. I was imprisoned in a muted Hell Transfiguration Confinement."


I am
By the
Inspirations of others.
I'm a Free-Range Algorithm.

‘COGNITIVE DISSONANCE TRILOGY + ’ is now part of Bryan’s evergreen GV Docu-Series universe of books and films available through / Kindle, and other outlets.

Part 1 - PRISM: A Collection of Random Anecdotal Fragments, -isms, Delusional Thoughts, Confessions, Conversations & Rants, (2019).
(GV Docu-Series GV33, 616 pages).
Start reading for Free:
“My DNA confuses me.
Makes me shutter at the idea of continuity and comprehension.
Within me Dwells ‘the Blur.’
It is where I live…” (Excerpt)

Part 2 - PRISON: TORMENTED BY THE REFRAIN, The Premeditated Manipulation of the Conventional Mind, (2020).
(GV Docu-Series GV34, 378 pages).
Start reading for Free:
“A Whisper struggling to explain a Scream!
The terrifying secrets of the Shadow…” (Excerpt)

Part 3 - POISON: A Diary of Haphazard Musings & Irreverent Paranoid Conclusions, [REPEAT OFFENDER], (2021).
(GV Docu-Series GV37, 360 pages).
Start reading for Free:
“People tend to want to believe in the
inherent goodness of Others.
That is, until they've been repeatedly and violently
penetrated by Malevolent Vampires…” (Excerpt)

Part 4 - PLUS ONE: SOCIAL ANXIETY DISORDER - Metacognitive Attributions, (2022).
(GV Docu-Series GV38, 378 pages).
Start reading for Free:
“If my aim is true,
I have inspired your Rationality
and confused your Raison d’etre.”

“Cognitive Dissonance is a duplicitous state of mind, a blurred malaise, a fractured overlay of dull blasé blasé static, the horrible din of relentless gray noize, the spiked buzz you get from a sugar high.

REALITY as I had previously related to it, now seemed a lil ‘off;’ nothing seemed to sync-up properly. Fraudulent voices, competing energies and forces fighting for the same space. A ‘Cage Fight’ with no Champion or Dark Horse to root for," confessed the Author.

PRISM / PRISON / POISON / PLUS ONE are metaphorical breaks from the bland re-configurations that routinely surfaced from the primordial secretion of Bryan’s shimmering, anomalous, rambling ‘Normality.’ Every page is a pugnacious confession, ‘For Your Eyes Only!’

COGNITIVE DISSONANCE TRILOGY PLUS ONE: SOCIAL ANXIETY DISORDER - Metacognitive Attributions is Bob's Final Frantic Piece to his Absurd Misadventures!!!

“Alas, I am now temporarily FREE of these dictatorial overlords. Thank you for your patient appreciation of my untidy poetic wordplay.” --- Bob Bryan, Filmmaker / Author

-- END ---
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