RAVAverse - A new era of metaverse gaming Build On Solana Ecosystem

Posted February 15, 2022 by BTC_STUDIOS

When Metaverse Meets Real Assets !, Ravaverse are the first to make it come true

RAVAverse is a world that is full of excitement. The first phase involves building the groundwork of the metaverse by filling it with highly engaging games and tournaments that people want to play for both fun and profit. These experiences will also become previews of what is to come to the Ravaverse. In the next phase, Ravaverse will feature digital land ownership backed by real assets, making it one of the first in the world to offer such unique value propositions. Ravaverse building a better future.

There are countless projects already launched but none as passionate as Rava team are in keeping our Rava family happy.
To achieve that goal, RAVAverse has another trick up its sleeve. Enter the Rava Royal Palace. In the heart of RAVAverse, lies the Royal Palace. This palace has well kept secrets and bountiful treasures, one of them being a generous 12 BTC reward currently just sitting inside waiting for the right person to claim. Legend has it that the palace only accepts some priviledged wonderers and eligible treasure hunters. Be the one to claim the treasure?

Rava Team are planning and developing to make the game easy to play.
First of all, to be able to play in the minigame, Players need 1 Cubots and 1 Claw. There are a maximum of 10 Cubots in player team, Each Cubots can play 20 times per day and need 24 hours to be fully charged, or the player can refill the stamina by paying $RVM.
Player reward is $RVM & $RAVA Token. Player will get a bigger reward if player upgrades their Cubots level. and player will get extra income if player have land. Players need to swap $Rava to $RVM token, $RVM is a utility token.
There will be a 30% Tax of early withdrawal fee for claiming your rewards, which will be reduced daily by 1% until it reaches 0.
RAVAverse develops on SOLANA so player needs $SOL in their wallet to be able to pay gas fees for rewards transactions, No gas fee is needed in Android App.
For Free to Play, players need to claim some amount of $RAVA and $RVM from Airdrop, player can use the token claimed from airdrop to rent Cubots in App and start to play and earn !.

Land is one of the valuable NFTs in the RAVAverse ecosystem. Why?
Because Land is back by real land assets and land gives players a pass to enter RAVA ROYAL PALACE and gives players chance to win 12 BTC that lies in the PALACE !.
Land also gives $RAVA rewards, $RVM rewards, and land generates Materials. Materials are used to upgrade Claw. The more powerful the Claw, the easier it will be to win the game. Each Claw has different power to help players when needed.
Materials are generated from Land. That's why owning Land is so valuable. If players own Land, players will get Materials, which players can use to upgrade Claw. If players have an excess of Materials,players can resell them to other players in the market and make money.
In the future feature, players can build a business on their land, the business is also backed by real assets, players can build a business on their own or players can build a business with their Guild.

Rava team do their best to build the game’s economy in such a way that on average a good player can have their ROI in a month, depending on the time spent in the game. But team can’t guarantee earnings, and there is also no LIMIT. The income of players who have many Cubots, winning in minigames and RAVA ROYAL PALACE, skillfully upgrading their Cubots will be higher than $5,000 per month or players can even win 1 BTC to their own and once again there is no LIMIT.
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Last Updated February 15, 2022