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Diesel big daddy

Tired of high gas prices? Want to save the earth? Want to support local economies and clean the air while getting high performance out of your vehicle? Try Biodiesel. It's clean, sustainable, domestic, renewable AND you can make it at home!!! Wave farewell to petroleum.
Amidst the hybrid hype, there has been little mention of one of the oldest 'alternative' fuels with some tremendous advantages. Invented and patented by Rudolf Diesel in 1893, diesel engines were first made to run on various vegetable oils. Thus, almost any diesel engine outfitted with the right hoses is capable of cleaner, vegan, non-petroleum based Biodiesel operation. (Most newer diesels have the right hoses).
Diesels have tremendous advantages. Although their pricepoint can be somewhat higher initially, it's well worth it in the long run. Diesel engines are well known for their consistent reliability, length of engine life, and perhaps most importantly, their fuel economy. In our ever-growing awareness of planetary resources and taking geopolitical circumstances into account, fuel economy is beginning to take a place of primacy.
When running on biodiesel, there are tremendous emissions benefits as well. Traditional dinosaur-diesel powered engines have gotten a bad rap for their dark, smoky exhaust, smell and pollution of our air. Biodiesel, on the other hand, reduces emissions significantly in every category in which pollutants are measured except nitrous oxide (NOx) which can be adjusted with some slight modifications. Unlike their petroleum powered counterparts, biodiesel exhaust smells pleasantly like the feedstock of whatever vegetable oil is used. (There are tales of people who have used recycled fryer oil for their biodiesel from their local doughnut shop and subsequently end up with visions of Krispy Kreme.)
Performance wise, biodiesel has a higher lubricity than conventional diesel, subsequently acting as a bit of an 'enema' for the engine, cleaning out the dinosaur residue, so be sure and replace the fuel filter after the first couple of tanks of biodiesel. After that, because biodiesel is so clean burning, it actually may reduce maintenance costs and extend engine life.
Europe, which has traditionally been more diesel-heavy than the US, (currently diesels occupy about 40 % of the European market) has recently increased its emissions standards and subsequently the use of biodiesel has taken off in a big way. Europeans are supporting the growth of the biodiesel industry through farming subsidies of biodiesel feedstocks unknown in the US until this week when Oregon introduced a similar bill in their State Legislature.
Another tremendous advantage of Biodiesel is its blend-ability. Biodiesel can be used straight (called B100) or blended in any percentage with conventional #2 diesel, and even at low percentages (B5 or B10) has incredible emissions benefits. Subsequently, if you're out traveling and don't have access to homemade or storebought biodiesel, you can use regular diesel in your tank with no conversion issues.
There are an ever-growing number of biodiesel filling stations available if you don't have space or interest in making your own. Check with [http://www.biodiesel.org] for more information of what's available in your area. For more biodiesel resources see http://www.EcoNurse.com.
On a personal note, I've been running my VW Jetta TDI (Turbo Diesel Injection) on Biodiesel (mostly B100) for the last three years with only good things to say. It's been trouble-free and now it's actually pleasant to have the sunroof open. And if your outdated ideas suggest that diesels compromise performance or speed, feel free to sniff my doughnuts
Shaquille Rashaun O'Neal, better known as Shaq, or The Diesel, or Shaq Fu, or even The Big Aristotle (for his wisdom!), or The Big Daddy, Superman, The Big Agave, The Big Cactus, The Big Shaqtus, The Big Galactus, Wilt Chamberneezy, The Big Baryshnikov, The Real Deal, Dr. Shaq and recently also Shaqovic is the only NBA active player in the top list of the 50 best players of all times.
Shaq is a huge 7 feet 1 inch, 325 pounds man often defined as the most dominant player in the NBA. Such a physical power has always been supported by an equally monstrous ego, which makes Shaw one of the most arrogant and conceited player ever. That said, I must admit I love this big guy. He is arrogant, of course, but in a funny way.
Shaquille o'Neil has won whatever a basketball player could ever dream to win. He is a quite successful rapper and he is the star of his own reality show, Shaq Vs., in which he uses his entire ego to challenge the best athletes in the world in several different sport disciplines. He also runs a twitter account with something more than a million followers! A successful person, for sure.
His huge body is also a perfect big canvas for tattoo artworks. He has got quite a few tattoos, but the funny thing about them is that he had to ask his mother before getting them. Here The Big Agave's words: "First of all, I got my tattoos because I was allowed to get them. You better believe I asked my mother first."
It's not easy to recognize all of his tattoos. Some of them are pretty huge, some other are not clear enough to tell what they really are. Here is what I could find out about Shaquille Tattoos:
Shaq is one of the many NBA players who decided to have his own nickname engraved on skin. Shaq chose Diesel, among his many pseudonyms, as tattoo for his left shoulder. He got it just above his favourite tattoo, perennial sign of his immortal ego: the big "S" of Superman. Not yet satisfied, he has also added the inscription "Man of Steel" to it.
More difficult to distinguish are the tattoo designs on Shaq's right shoulder and arm. One of them should be displaying his daughter name Amirah, but I cannot say it for sure.
Two more controversial inscriptions say: "The world is mine" and "Against the Law" because, as Shaq explains, "My game's so good, there has to be a law to stop it".
Another interesting tattoo design on his right arm portrays a fist holding a diamond.
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