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sex angles

Women LOVE g-spot orgasms and men love to give them to her! Why don't more women have them? Here are three keys to to using the right ANGLE to drive her nuts. Is it as simple as geometry?
If men just thrust away and don't hit the right spot then it doesn't avail them anything! Men need to learn the right angle and hit it expertly.
1st Tip.
The g-spot is located inside the lady's vagina bout two inches, just past the pubic bone, at the 12 o'clock position. If the man woman is located face to face with the man then he needs to thrust upward. if the woman is positioned face to back, then he needs to thrust down.
2nd Tip.
The hot sex position is not as important as the angle. Many people believe that the doggy style position is a great position to hit the g-spot. But this is not necessarily true! If the guy thrusts upward then you can see why he could miss the g-spot because the g-spot is now at a downward angle.
So, it is important to visualize the anatomy inside and the particular geometric position involved. The vagina is a tube and the g-spot is at the top but if the woman is on her stomach it is switched and at the bottom.
This is difficult to visualize spatially for some people. The key here is to get a tube and then switch it around and see how the spot changes.
3rd Tip.
Men should use a stroke like filing a piece of steel with a file. This rubs instead of pokes. If you take the tube and put a pencil inside then you an visualize the angle required. Once you get this in mind you can better rub your lady.
If you rub her consistently for a good period of time, at the right angle, and the right pressure she will have a great orgasm.
Want to become the best lover you can? That's for certain, so read on to find out how you can run your marathon in the bedroom, and have her orgasming like crazy!
Sex Angles This is the best elevations, positions, and angles that will enable the best sex for her and you.
Having her vagina angled properly, positions her g-spot for optimum pleasure which ultimately reduces foreplay time, in the end
The easiest suggestion to always ensure she's at the right angle, is to use a wedge! If that is unavailable you can use positions that target her g-spot; but the wedge just makes it easy, or use pillows underneath her pelvic region.
Depth- The Outer region of the vagina entrance is the most sensitive part for most women, therefore, you can tease her by putting your penis in and out of her entrance.
If you notice in adult films, the penis of the man is never all the way in; some people would argue this is just for the camera angle; however it is not.
Adult film stars do this trick to please the woman they are having sexual intercourse with; and not only this but the G-spot is located only about 2 inches in; so this allows your penis head to tease her more frequently.
This also can help to delay your ejaculation, since it is not full on pleasure of your entire shaft.
Kinky Trick- Blowing bubbles onto her erogenous zones is one of the kinkiest ways to get her near orgasm, as well as yourself.
You can use pop, or champagne- whichever you choose, take some in your mouth, and then go down on her.
Once you do, bring your lips to her clitoris; and seal your mouth slowly to her, and open.
Once you have, flick your tongue on her clitoris (while remaining sealed to her skin), and the liquid will create a bubbling sensation alongside your tongue.
This can also be done after, by her, to your penis head; and you will find this so kinky you will be doing it every night.
Not only this, but at least you have an interesting taste to try cunnilingus with! Anything that is bubbly like pop or champagne works best; for creating a feeling.
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