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Many obstacles may arise in one's life, such as, making poor decisions, losing one's temper quickly, having a stressful marriage, having a distrustful relationship with one's family, and so on.

Kalsarpa Dosh is a dreaded astrological problem that occurs in a person's horoscope. Kalsarpa Yog is well-known for having serious impacts on one's marriage, professional career, and business.
Many obstacles may arise in one's life, such as, making poor decisions, losing one's temper quickly, having a stressful marriage, having a distrustful relationship with one's family, and so on.

How does Kalsarpa occur?

According to myth, Kalsarpa Dosh occurs in a person's life as a result of sins committed in a previous life.
Kalsarpa Dosh occurs when all seven planets in your Kundli are placed between Rahu and Ketu, according to astrology.
All of these planets' positions influence the effects of Kalsarpa dosh on your life. Its side effects include near-death experiences, misfortune, career problems, business losses, marital problems, and so on.

What are the remedies for Kalsarpa Yog?

There are numerous proven remedies of KalsarpaYog prescribed by astrologers and pandits who specialise in assisting people in getting rid of Kalsarpa Yog from their lives.
These remedies include chanting a specific mantra, fasting on particular days to please Lord Shiva, and worshipping the Peepal tree. If you want to learn more about these remedies, call an expert Nikhil Mahendra Dharane Guruji on +91 9763437371. He can help you choose the best remedy based on the position of Rahu and Ketu in your Kundli (horoscope).
Despite the numerous remedies available, the most Kalsarpa Yog benefits can be obtained from only one remedy: Kalsarpa Dosh Nivaran Puja. Kalsarpa Yog nivaran puja or Kalsarpa Shanti is the most effective method of eliminating and reversing the negative effects of Kalsarpa yog in your life.
If you want to learn more about the Kalsarpa yog nivaran puja, you can read our in-depth blog post about it here.

Benefits of Kalsarpa Dosh Puja:

There are 12 different types of Kalsarpa Dosh, and one may face one of them in his horoscope depending on the placement of the planets, including Rahu and Ketu.
Whatever the dreadful effects of this various dosh are, Kalsarpa Puja can help you get rid of them and turn their negative effects into positive ones.

Different types of kalsarpa dosh:

Benefits of Anant Kalsarpa Yoga:
Anant Kalsarpa Dosha is renowned for affecting and negatively impacting a person's marriage. However, its effects can be reversed after the yog nivaran puja, and once the dosh is removed, one can lead a very happy and successful married life.
To some extent, the benefits of Anant Kalsarpa yog include benefits in the financial aspect of the individual's life.

Benefits of Kulik kalsarpa Yoga:
The one aspect of an individual's life that is most affected by the presence of Kulik kalsarpa Yog is the individual's health. Many health issues can arise naturally or as a result of an accident. The benefits of Kulik kalsarpa yog, can be obtained through its dosh nivaran puja.
As previously stated, nivaran puja will help reverse the effects and preserve your health, allowing you to live a healthy life if you maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Benefits of Vasuki Kalsarpa Yoga:
The Vasuki Kalsarpa dosha primarily affects one's professional life, and one may experience losses in business or financial loss in some way. The Kalsarpa dosh nivaran puja for Vasuki Kalsarpa Yoga ensures that the business is stabilised and that the finances improve and return to normal.
After the puja, your relationships with your relatives and family members tend to improve.

Benefits of Shankpal Kalsarpa Yoga:
After performing the Nivaran Puja for Shankpal Kalsarpa Yoga, its changes will reverse and all the negative effects that one experiences during this dosh, such as difficulties in life, career, anxiety, problems in marriage, children, and so on, will reverse and things will begin to improve.
This Dosh is notorious for causing a slew of issues, so nivaran puja is highly recommended.

Benefits of Padam Kalsarpa Yoga:
Women are the most troubled and affected by the Padam Kalsarpa Yog because they may have difficulties conceiving a child or come under the influence of spirits. This dosh may also cause chronic illness, academic failures, and other problems for the victim. The situation usually improves after the nivaran puja, and symptoms such as chronic illness disappear.
One also gains protection from evil spirits. The condition of women who are unable to conceive improves as well, and they may be able to conceive a child soon after. Your relationships with family and friends will also improve.
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