Chicken Feeders & Waterer Buying Guide

Posted November 25, 2021 by chittaranjan77

There are a variety of feeders and drinkers (poultry equipment). It is critical to select the best feeding and drinking system for your poultry house so that your birds can feed properly.

There are a variety of feeders and drinkers (poultry equipment). It is critical to select the best feeding and drinking system for your poultry house so that your birds can feed properly.

Feeding poultry birds are done with poultry feeding equipment. Typically, foods are placed in the feeder, and the birds begin eating from there. To keep your chickens healthy, keep the feeder neat and clean at all times. It is critical to keep a sufficient number of feeders in the poultry house in proportion to the number of chickens; neither too many nor too few.

Fountain drinkers, bell drinkers, and nipple drinkers are among the various types of poultry drinking equipment available. Fountain drinkers and bell drinkers are primarily used in the production of deep litter.
Nipple drinkers can be used in both deep-litter systems and poultry cage systems. When used in a deep-litter system, it is attached with a cup under the nipple to prevent litter material from becoming wet. When pecked by chickens, these drinkers resemble a nipple, and water drops erupt. They are suitable for all types and classes of birds, but are most commonly used in laying cages. In each cage with three or four layers, one nipple drinker is sufficient.

Types of Chicken Feeders
When selecting a chicken feeder, your primary goal should be to keep it clean and to avoid spillage. You don't want to waste chicken feed or have it ruined by debris. There are a few different types to choose from.

Chick Feeder - To begin feeding baby chicks, spread out chick starter feed on newspaper or paper towel so the chicks can find it. The feed should also be available in a trough feeder or a hanging chick feeder.

Hanging feeder - A hanging feeder is one that is hung from the ground. It keeps chicken scraps and debris out of the feeder. It can also help keep mice and other rodents out of the chicken feed.

Trough - When feeding a large flock, a trough or ground feeder is ideal. Some styles can be propped up to raise them off the ground. Flip-top feeders are simple to clean and refill. A reel top ground feeder has a reel on top to keep chickens from roosting on the feeder.

Types of Chicken Waterers
You must change the water in your laying hens' cages on a daily basis, whether they are baby chicks or full-grown laying hens. Debris, feathers, feed, and other contaminants can contaminate their drinking water if it is not changed on a regular basis. For a more in-depth look at keeping your chickens hydrated, read our article about the importance of water for your flock.

Chick Waterers - When it comes to baby chicks, you'll need to use a chick waterer made specifically for them. A deep, open bowl can be dangerous for baby chicks because they can drown.

Heated Poultry Fountain - Using a heated poultry fountain, you can keep your flock's water from freezing over during the winter months. Simply unplug it during the summer months to use it as a regular fountain. A heated base can also be used to keep the water from freezing over. Use a heated base with a metal waterer only.
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