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Custom T-shirt printing is something that everybody has recently demanded for personalised use or for advertising purposes.

Custom T-shirt printing is something that everybody has recently demanded for personalised use or for advertising purposes. Custom T-shirt printing is something that almost everyone out there adopts, for which different techniques have developed. For designing the T-shirts you want to wear, the strategies are perfect and each one inevitably holds its positive and negative side.
You need to be aware of what the techniques of custom T-shirt printing are and what their pros and cons are before you hurry for any of the services. The tips listed below will certainly help you acquire a great deal of information:

Screen Printing -
A screen or stencil is pressed against the cloth in this method of custom T-shirt printing, and various colours are used to paint the displays. It is one of the most common methods and overlays one layer copy over the other.

Pros of Screen Printing
-Screen printing delivers high-quality output
-If you want to print T-shirts in bulk, it is one of the strategies you should look forward to, as it is very cost-effective.
-Provides durable output

Cons of Screen Printing
-For different colours, different stencils or screens are needed.
-As it is a stepwise approach, the development of final crafted T-shirts can involve several steps or phases.

Direct to garment printing-
It is one of the newly established techniques and, as the name implies, it directly prints the ink on clothes. As the dye or ink works its way deep down into the fibre, it does not give the T-shirt an outward or bulging feeling.

Pros of Direct to garment printing
-In one print, a different number of colours can be used for one custom T-shirt
-Highly productive for intricate designs
-If you are looking forward to printing your custom T-shirt, the technique may be the most fitting

Cons of Direct to garment printing
-This type of printing can be expensive for bulk ordering
-If the fabric is darker in colour, the process may be complicated.

Actually, this is not a type of printing, but the design or logo is kind of stitched on your T-shirt and is well known for professional printing.

Pros of Embroidery
-Especially if you are looking forward to working on polo T-shirts, it is appropriate to have professional looks.
-The approach produces enduring results and is successful for large design patterns.

Cons of Embroidery
-In the case of complex patterns, the procedure turns out to be difficult.
-The quality output varies with the underlying fibre.

Transfer printing-
This is one of the methods used for designing custom T-shirts and is used to transfer an image, creating a permanent effect, from one medium to another. Transfer printing can be achieved by heat transfer, laser transfer or inkjet transfer, and as a bulging image is seen on the T-shirt, it is typically distinguishable from other printing types.

Pros of Transfer printing
-Easiest printing process for complicated designs
-This does not include multiple colours or screens, a picture is transferred as a whole instead.
-T-shirts can easily be personalised according to consumer comfort.
-The same is definitely beneficial if you want to purchase custom printed T-shirts in bulk.

Cons of Transfer printing
-The result is not robust and depends on the underlying fibre as well.
-For Tees with complex backgrounds or darker shades, the process might not be successful.

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