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Some of the commonly used Poultry Farm Equipment in India:

The equipment is an important part of the production, whether it is at an early or late stage. If you want to start a poultry farm, you'll need equipment for each stage of the cycle. Even if there is only one problem in any of the phases of the cycle, the business can suffer a massive loss. As a result, it is critical that you select appropriate poultry farm equipment based on the birds and the location you prefer for your farm.
Poultry Farming Equipment Types
Some of the commonly used Poultry Farm Equipment in India:
1. Feeders
2. Waterers
3. Nests
4. Cages
5. Coops
6. Crates
7. Incubator
8. Egg Tray
9. Lighting Instruments
10. Perches
11. Brooders or Heaters
12. Ventilation System
13. Waste Disposal
You should also keep in mind that the poultry equipment you choose should be user-friendly for your workers; that they can use it without encountering any technical jargon. There are numerous substitutes for the equipment. For example, if you do not have access to electricity, you can choose equipment that does not require it.
Chicken Farm Equipment

1. Setter
This is a piece of equipment used to keep the temperature around the chicks at a comfortable level. For the first 19 days of the cycle, this aids in levelling the humidity and turning. This aids in providing a comfortable environment for the baby birds to settle in. Depending on your location and budget, you can buy various types of setters on the market.

2. Brooder Machine
Charcoal stove brooder/Kerosene Stove Brooder: These brooder machines are used where there is no electricity and are preferred by people who use inexpensive poultry equipment. There is a charcoal stove with a lid that provides heat and allows chicks to enjoy warmth near the stove.
Gas Brooder: This type of brooder is powered by natural gas, methane, or propane. The brooder is placed 3-5 feet above the chicks, providing them with both warmth and light.
Infrared Bulbs: These are self-reflecting bulbs that emit a distinct red light. The birds are drawn to this light, and they congregate beneath it to enjoy the warmth. One of the differences between these bulbs is that they do not have reflectors over them.

3. Hatching Supplies
Hatching equipment is required if you prefer layers for egg production. They are used to care for eggs after they have hatched.

4. Waterer
Maintaining a proper diet with an adequate amount of water is critical for the health of any chick.
Pan and Jar: This is the type of waterer in which water is stored in the JAR and delivered to the chicks by the PAN. This is the most cost-effective method of obtaining water.
Washbasins: These come in plastic, wood, or GI with a grill. They are large open bowls where chicks are served water.
Manual Drinkers: They are used during the first week of brooding. Because the water comes out of holes in the fountain style, this is also known as the fountain drinkers.

5. Feeding Equipment
It is critical to feed chicks the appropriate amount of gains on a regular basis. Among the feeders are:
Automatic Feeders: These are auger-style or chain-style feeders that provide feed to birds directly in their nests or sites.
Linear Feeder: They have a linear shape and a length of 2 metres. They are made of galvanised iron, wood, and bamboo.
Circular Feeders: These feeders are circular and can hold 5-7 kg of grain at a time. Chicks are drawn to the unique pop colours.
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