Make Your Fishing Charter More Enjoyable with These 6 Winter Fishing Tips

Posted February 19, 2021 by dupeafish

The best time to fish would be during the warmest parts of the day. Ten to four is common but sometimes it can be in the last hour of daylight since the water has warmed up during the entire day.

A winter fishing trip is a unique fishing experience and you can make it even more enjoyable with these 6 amazing winter fishing trips.

Fish can be less active and aggressive at feeding in the colder months. That means you need to give them some incentive to bite and it can take time. So, keep your cool and use the following tips to ensure that you get your line tight all day long!

Selecting the Spot

The most important thing is to know how to pick the perfect spot to cast out your line. It is a good idea to find out in advance what the current is like in certain areas. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you should always go to a shallow fishing area, but the likelihood of finding them in a high water level is low. An area with a high current can also be dangerous and since fish aren’t really active in the winter, you are more likely to find them in calmer water.

Selecting the Timing
The time of day when go you fishing is also important. Fish are more likely to be active in warmer water. So, early in the morning is the worst time because the frost is still on the ground and the fish won't be as active. .

The best time to fish would be during the warmest parts of the day. Ten to four is common but sometimes it can be in the last hour of daylight since the water has warmed up during the entire day.

Preparing the Equipment

Winter fishing equipment needs preparation for the extra challenge. For example, if the reel bearing on your rod was stiff during summer, winter fishing may simply lock it up.

If your equipment is older, clean it and apply a coat of oil or grease. Cold weather isn’t good for lines, so get a can of line conditioner to prevent stiffness and tangling. Take a few minutes to prepare for the conditions so you have the best experience.

More importantly, have the correct attire. Fingerless gloves, latex or nitrile gloves are great too. I take a small hand towel so I always have a way to dry my hands. Hand warmers, a warm hat, and a wind breaker are also great ideas.

Fish Like Incentives

Fish don't like moving around in the colder water, so you’ll have to offer some incentive to get them to take the bait.

The best choice is live bait but you could also use artificial ones with feathers or hair. Also, it is common to use small bait since fish metabolism is reduced in winter conditions.

Stay Safe

It is important to keep yourself safe while fishing. So, never fish alone. Wear layers of clothing and a life jacket where necessary. Carry snacks and energy drinks to keep you energetic. I also highly recommend carrying a whistle in case of a slip, fall or emergency. Lastly, tell someone where you are going.

Check the signs

When you pull up fish, check their bellies for slits and scratches. A slit on the belly shows the fish was closer to the bottom of the fishing area. So, you might be luckier, if you cast into deeper water and fish more vertically. Many anglers use a stomach pump to inspect what the fish are eating. Also, pay attention to the structure, currents, sun, shade, etc. where the fish are being caught and try to repeat those conditions.

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