Surgical masks - Great way to protect against Influenza

Posted September 7, 2021 by gboyce999

Surgical masks are now used in many areas beyond the medical and healthcare arenas as a result of public concern.

Surgical masks are now used in many areas beyond the medical and healthcare arenas as a result of public concern. Face masks have been in high demand due to the spread of airborne diseases such as influenza. Regular masks are not effective in protecting against microbe-bearing particles, according to reports.

A new style of surgical mask has been developed by manufacturers. It is called "respirator" The stringent filter, which is immured with a germicide that kills microbes and other particles, provides a higher level of protection. They are used domestically in the U.S. and internationally in millions of hospitals, clinics, and medical offices.

N99 surgical respirators with a sealing adhesive offer greater antimicrobial protection that traditional N95 Masks, which are secured to the face using an elastic band. It is important to balance comfort and functionality when applying a face mask. A respirator should be avoided if a surgical mask doesn't provide higher levels of protection.

It's not secret that infections and airborne diseases are here to stay. The big question now is how are we as a society prepared to respond to if the avian flu and swine flu mix? The H1N1 virus was already discovered in dogs, cats and horses. HUMANS!

This mixture is a growing threat. It could also be happening outside the U.S. in countries that lack any regulations or guidelines for safe preparation of these types meat products. It doesn't matter if the H1N1 virus is new or avian flu, long-term survival strategies include protecting people from getting airborne illnesses. For more additional info visit

Health care professionals are increasingly concerned about the possibility that a microbe could emerge and spread a highly contagious, airborne infection to the public. The possibility exists today, just like it did in 1918, when the Spanish flu pandemic claimed 50 million lives.

The Surgical Masks usually have a loose-fitting filter that is applied to the face. It can be secured with elasticated ear loops, or ties. Its primary function is to protect the face from fluid droplets, but not to trap harmful microbes or airborne particles.

N99 Respirators are generally secured to the face with a latex-free adhesive. They have a tighter mesh that filters out almost all airborne particles. They eliminate any gaps between the nose and sides. The adhesive prevents air from being inhaled without passing through the N99-grade filter. They are extremely easy to inhale and should be considered when planning for any kind of pandemic.

It is recommended that you have Surgical Masks with a bacteria efficiency of 99% or higher in case of an outbreak. Keep in your bag medical gloves, hand sanitizers and other items that promote a clean, sterile environment. These types of precautions can be used to prevent the spread of airborne illnesses.
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