Winning The Battle Against Stubborn Fat

Posted August 22, 2018 by Hairturkey23

How men and women can shape their contour when nothing seems to work

Many – if not most – people will struggle with their shape and weight at some point in their lives. What most people do not know is that by the time humans reach adolescence, the number of fat cells in their bodies has been determined. Weight gain following adolescence is a result of those fat cells increasing in volume, and not in number.

“What leads to weight gain is the increase in volume in fat cells,” says Dr Levent Acar, Medical Surgeon at Cosmedica in Turkey. “Over time, fat cells that have long been established increase in size, causing a build up of stubborn fat that is often resistant to diet and exercise.”

The primary way to lose weight and decrease the volume of fat cells is by following a healthy diet and exercising the recommended number of minutes per day. Weight training, stretching and toning exercises such as Pilates may help to improve body shape, but there may be places on the abdomen and thighs or other areas that simply do not respond to the usual methods of weight loss.

“In these cases, liposuction may be of value,” says Dr Acar. “Liposuction removes locally stored fat cells to shape the body contours. This is done by actually removing fat cells from the affected areas. It is a safe and effective way of removing excess fat that would otherwise be extremely difficult if not impossible to get rid of via exercise and diet.”

Liposuction should not be confused with obesity surgery, which uses an entirely different approach and different tecniques. Liposuction is recommended for people of a healthy weight who regularly exercise and maintain a healthy diet but are unable to reduce locally stored fat on the abdomen, waist and hips despite making good effecorts.

“Both men and women who are not overweight but are unhappy about locally stored fat and their appearance are eligible for liposuction,” says Dr Acar. “The objective here is to shape up the body contour. For women, this is most often on the hips, waist, thighs, inners thighs, behind the legs, knees, arms, cheeks, double chin and nape. For men, it is most often the abdomen waist and chest.”

The process of liposuction is fairly simple but requires expert hands experienced in the methods of removing locally stored fat deposits. When the patient stands, the parts of the body from which fat will be reduced are marked acccording to the amount of accumulated fat. Local or general anaesthesia is applied and the surgery lasts between 40 and 50 minutes.

During surgery, tiny cavities are opened in parallel to the lines on the area where the fat is stored. A very small cannula is inserted into the cavities. A special solution is injected that causes fat deposits to become liquid and be discharged through the cannula. Between four and five litres of fat can be removed in a single session.

“After the surgery, the patient is discharged the same day and can go back to his or her regular routine,” says Dr Acar. “It is recommended that patients avoid heavy physical activities for two weeks, but after that they may return to their regular exercise regime. There may be some swelling, so the patient is advised to wear a girdle for up to two months after surgery.”

When used for the right reasons and carried out by competent professionals, liposuction gives extremely satisfactory results. As the number of fat cells in the body does not increase, the results of liposuction are lasting. No local gaining of weight in the treated areas will occur, for example, fat will no longer accumulate on the abdomen and hips.

“Patients who find that they still struggle to lose weight even after good exercise and a healthy diet can benefit from liposuction surgery,” says Dr Acar. “This procedure is not meant as a means to reduce body weight – it is meant to reshape the body and make the patient attractive to themselves and others again.”

Patients have an excellent opportunity to benefit from liposuction surgery when they visit the Dr Acar's Cosmedica Surgery. Dr Acar is well known and respected in Turkey for having performed liposuction procedures countless times with positive results and satisfied patients. Patients can leave quickly and can resume all normal activities within a short while again.

The aim is to have a body in much better shape than before the procedure and that is what is achieved with a liposuction procedure at Dr Acar’s surgery in Turkey.

Cosmedica aims to be a leading medical cosmetic clinic in Turkey through scientific research and development studies, as well as through practising ethical, leading clinical practices. Cosmedica aims to meet expectations at the highest level possible, offering tailored treatments by physicians experienced in the professional methods of their field. Cosmedica was founded in 2007 by Dr Levent Acar, a professional Medical Aesthetics Doctor who graduated in 2005 from the University Istanbul Çapa Medical Faculty. Dr Acar is well known for his pursuit of innovative, clinically proven, ethical and effective methods in the field of Aesthetic Medicine. Cosmedica was the first applied hair transplant surgery facility licensed by the Ministry of Health. Dr Acar and the team at Cosmedica bring their expertise to help patients from around the world to benefit from the opportunities of cutting edge medical and surgical techniques at affordable rates. For more information on Cosmedica and the services they offer, please visit:
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