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Posted December 19, 2019 by inhomecleaning

White leather sofa is a luxury. Like any refined piece of furniture, it requires a special approach and regular cleaning.

Appeared stains should be removed as soon as possible so that the dirt does not have time to penetrate deep into the upholstery this is the first, but far from the only rule for cleaning a white leather sofa. In the new material of our blog, we consider in detail all aspects of self-cleaning of light leather furniture.

Recently, we devoted a large article to the care of leather furniture How to clean a leather sofa at home, where we set out tips for cleaning and using leather furniture. But still we want to repeat the main recommendations.
Leather furniture does not tolerate proximity to heat sources it dries, bursts, and dye (even in light upholstery) crumbles. Bright and dark furniture does not like direct sunlight the colors of the upholstery burn out from it and bald spots form. But light furniture should not be left in the sun like batteries and heaters, the sun dries the leather upholstery. As a result, it loses elasticity and becomes covered by cracks. The use of the Upholstery cleaning coupon happens to be essential here.

Keep a white and simply light leather sofa away from contact with dark and colored pillows and rugs. And if you want to lie on it in dark clothes it is better to cover the seat, back and armrests with a blanket first. From contact with dark and colorful textiles, the white sofa may become stained.

It’s absolutely impossible to settle on such a sofa with food you should not even talk a lot. The same applies to coffee, wine and other drinks that can stain upholstery.

How to clean a white leather sofa?

Soap solution

Effective in most cases and the safest remedy is a soap solution. For its preparation, any one is suitable children's, household, solid and liquid, but always colorless soap. Add it to a bowl of warm (not hot!) Water and foam well. For cleaning use only foam; pouring water onto leather upholstery is not worth it. Carefully take the foam with a soft sponge and wipe the sofa.

Using a soap solution, you can carry out a general cleaning you need to do it at least every 2 weeks, wipe away greasy stains from food and even fresh traces of blood.

Medical alcohol

Medical alcohol is effective when it is necessary to remove traces of a pen, felt-tip pen, dried paint for drawing from leather upholstery. With it, you can get rid of wine stains and dried blood.
To clean the sofa, apply very little alcohol to a clean cotton pad and treat it with a stain. Do not rub too hard, otherwise rub the dirt deeper into the pores of the skin.

Acetone and ammonia

Aggressive acetone and ammonia in their composition can be used only if none of the above remedies helps. This also includes solvent for repair work. All these tools can help with cleaning dried spots, and sometimes help get rid of even traces of iodine. But often, along with the destruction of the stain, the upholstery can be damaged. Leather is a gentle material that is easily torn. Therefore, before cleaning the contamination check the reaction of the upholstery to the product somewhere in an inconspicuous place.

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