Why Choose Cork Flooring?

Posted January 9, 2020 by JaneEdison

Nowadays, people have so many options regarding flooring options, such as stone and ceramic tiles, hardwood, vinyl, laminate, hardwoods and so on.

However, one material choice that stands out due to its rather unique benefits is cork. Cork flooring can easily be integrated in homes and commercial spaces and it will perform on levels not always common or all-inclusive to its competition. When it is paired with cork underlayment, then results are even better.

Make sure you know the benefits of cork flooring, in order to make an informative decision regarding which floor material best suits your needs. Cork has a high degree of durability and is perfect for consumers looking for an environmentally friendly and comfortable flooring material. Harvested from the bark of cork oak tree, cork flooring is only made from the bark. The cork oak trees are not cut down during the process and the bark grows back. 100% eco-friendly cork material is sustainable and ideal for those who want to adopt a new concept and contribute to conservation practices.

Nice Design and High Durability

A new floor, should carry inherent benefits, two of which are truly important; durability and an overall performance that will limit the need to worry about replacements in the near future. Cork flooring https://www.icorkfloor.com/ is a great solution from this perspective, as cork is highly durable. With proper installation and upkeep, a cork floor can last for decades. In fact, the Library of Congress currently has cork flooring that has withstood a century of service. Also, the material is resistant to cracking and scratching and can be made to be impermeable to liquids. Heavy furniture can leave indentations, but cork is a resilient material and is capable of bouncing back to its original shape. This is something worth considering and admiring. Like carpet, cork flooring can obtain its original shape should you rearrange furniture on its surface.

Style and design matters. Don’t skimp on these facets when on the look out for a new floor. With cork flooring a wide selection of colors, patterns, and even textures are possible. Most cork flooring is available as planks and tiles and even come in different sizes, so you can easily customize this material to your space. With this kind of selection, cork brings on a visual appeal that can match what you have in mind, so don’t fear. Got some health and allergy issues. Cork has got your back there as well. It’s hypoallergenic and is also a fire retardant.

It Is Fire Resistant and Has Health Benefits

As cork is fire resistant, it actually requires high temperatures to reach combustion. Even when it does, it releases fewer toxic chemicals and less smoke. So, cork makes a beautiful backsplash for stoves. Believe it or not, health features do not stop here, it is resistant to insect infestations, mold and mildew and it has anti-microbial properties. With a cork floor, the indoor air quality will be cleaner and healthier because there are no volatile organic compounds. This applies to the flooring and to cork underlayment https://www.icorkfloor.com/cork-underlayment-installation/ as well.

Even if you have another top floor material in mind, underlayment is a great foundation to add and build upon. Cork underlayment is addition to truly consider because it brings the same amazing features to your subfloor to enhance the top floors performance.

Cork underlayment is an excellent choice and it goes well with most traditional flooring materials. It brings the same advantages of a cork floor and is relatively easy to install. Sheets and rolls are available in various thicknesses to help you keep your flooring project in line. When properly installed, cork underlayment will not compress or degrade, so you don’t have to worry about replacing it in just a few years’ time.

Nowadays, homeowners have a wider variety of flooring materials to choose from, be sure to make a knowledgeable study of what is available. If fact, also check out the seller or providers of the flooring you like. Make sure they are reliable and provide a good grade product as well as solid customer service. Don’t buy cheap from a company that doesn’t know their product. A good company will offer not only guidance, but will be upfront and honest on their products performance. Go with experience and knowledgeable for a better buy.

Come see us today. We specialize in cork flooring products. Our knowledge and experiences with cork and our cork products are here for you to utilize. Let us help you create a home flooring that not only brings beauty, but functionality as well.
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