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Slate is the name given to the low-quality metamorphic rock that is formed from shale under high pressure and temperatures.

Slate is the name given to the low-quality metamorphic rock that is formed from shale under high pressure and temperatures. It has long been used for myriads of purposes. It is used for making chalkboards, writing tablets and roofs. Now-a-days, slate gift items are extremely popular. Many people love to receive slate gifts. No matter what is the occasion, you can consider gifting slate items like slate plates, slate placemats, slate homeware, slate platter and slate tableware.

Slate, like porcelain, is extremely strong but thin. No matter how strong it is, it is more likely to break or crack if hit by a hard material or dropped on solid ground. The receiver of the slate gift products should take proper care of the things to ensure their longevity. Hand-washing of the slate items are often recommended. In case of the slate plates, you can wash the things using dishwashers since these items are dishwasher safe. Do not put the slate platters or plates in the microwave oven because they might crack. If the slate products in your home lose their luster, you can dip a cloth in olive oil and rub the cloth on the slate products to restore their shine.

Let us talk about some popular slate gift items that can bring a wide smile on the face of the recipient.
• Slate Cheese Boards: Slate cheese boards are extremely popular as slate gifts. When cheeses or other food items are laced on the dark colored slate cheese boards, they look attractive and more vibrant. It is for this reason that many restaurants use slate serving plates to serve their dishes. You can also use slate plates in your home. Your guests would love to see the food served in slate plates.

• Slater Platter: If you are planning to gift something special to a newlywed couple, you can consider gifting a slate platter. These products are available in a rich variety of shapes and sizes. You can visit an online store and check its collection of slate gift items to choose a good slate platter suiting your choice and budget. You can also buy a slate platter for your home use. You can use the platter for storing food items. The colorful food items would look great against its dark-colored backdrop.

• Slate Plates: The slate plates are great as gift items. They are not only good for serving sumptuous foods, but they can be used as utility pieces. You can use slate plates as candleholders. They offer fireproof base, and in case the candle falls over a slate plate, they will not catch fire. Moreover, if wax spills over them, you can easily peel off the solidified wax from the surface of these plates.

Slate products, in a nutshell, make great gifts. If you are planning to buy slate items, make sure that you buy them from a reputed store. You can also visit an online store with a rich collection of slate products and choose some from their featured list.

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