LED lighting companies need new competition

Posted March 4, 2021 by jojo123

From a business model analysis, the majority of LED business strategies and positioning are very similar, which is a shortboard for LED enterprises.

Currently on the market active LED lighting companies, despite having a production capacity and brand awareness in the traditional lighting of the times, but in the face of intense competition LED lighting market, the advantages of such enterprises are actually not obvious. First, most of the LED lighting brands belong to SMEs, the risk-resisting ability is not strong, it can not be called strong corporate strength; Secondly, the traditional lighting products falling profits, business-to- LED relatively slow speed of response; Third, in addition to a few home lighting giant invincible positions in the competition, the other LED lighting companies are faced with the fundamental question of survival.

From the analysis of industry characteristics, LED is a relatively long industry chain, from the upstream crystal LED industry, the semiconductor to the package is related to the critical parameter is the scale of production. It can be said directly determines the size of the production scale of the costs and competitiveness of enterprises, industry characteristics determine the size and business demand for investment capital. With the integration faster, LED industry concentration will gradually increase.

From a business model analysis, the majority of LED business strategies and positioning are very similar, which is a shortboard for LED enterprises. To survive in the era of LED lighting, innovation is the key. In order to expand living space, LED lighting companies are thinking about how to break the original lighting industry's business model. According to Nine are building networks to understand, just as millet modes, the development of LED technology will change the industry's competitive mode, and with the new mobile Internet consumption patterns and channel model, to the lighting industry to bring disruptive pattern.

From the terminal market analysis, whether domestic and foreign enterprises, the quality of LED products, durability, and price, has been the evolution in the fierce market competition. From 2013 onwards, LED product prices decreased, LED end-use markets also quick start, the lighting industry has entered a period of industrial upgrading. led grow lights https://www.eneltec-led.com/products/led-grow-lights

Positive, expanding market policies, the LED lighting companies face greater opportunities for development, but it also brings with it a corresponding challenge. The LED lighting industry is still in an early stage of development, there are industry standards are not perfect, the detection system is not fully established, the product specifications are not standardized, disorderly market competition, and other issues. LED in a rapidly changing market, in order to achieve breakthrough business survival, we must optimize the product structure, improve their overall competitiveness in the industry chain system. Meanwhile, efforts to promote the optimization and upgrading of the LED industry, give full play to the role of innovation-driven and promote the healthy development of the LED industry. best led headlights http://bestledheadlight.com/
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