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Posted November 23, 2020 by jojo123

The LED era is undergoing a great transformation, ENELTEC participate in and witness this transformation.

The LED era is undergoing a great transformation, ENELTEC participate in and witness this transformation. From the industry point of view of evolution, LED lighting products currently in the development stage of the competition; From a market perspective, the current product specialization winning more applicable: 1, from a performance and cost perspective, LED has been formed on the traditional halogen strong replacement capacity; 2, for a long time using fluorescent business premises, with LED lighting performance, cost reduction, the ability to replace significantly strengthened. Currently, these products are easier to form category scale advantages.

Products from specialization to diversification is the only way for enterprise development. Single LED lighting products for the king is an inevitable process of industrial development. Driven by the impact of capital, technology, market share, etc., LED bulb, LED ceiling light, LED bracket, LED lamps, and other products in the market are easy to form a single category sales champion.

Enterprises need to pursue a single product for the king have the advantage of product performance, cost, quality, productivity, etc., under the premise of ensuring product cost to complete the integration of the whole industry chain, the formation of the aggregation effect, combined with channel network construction, rapid formation large-scale sales to further enhance the product price. Explosion-proof led exit signs

For now, single products business premise in the product price, market awareness is high, easy to terminal market acceptance. Meanwhile, a single product in LED products for the large-scale multi-phase flow of competitive products, market capacity, channel expansion fast, and easy to scale sales. best led headlights

As a new entrant in the domestic market, ENELTEC LED lighting with their own advantages in the early development of the company to select a single product market strategy for the king, and relying on LED technology, capacity and channel advantages committed LED bracket, LED ceiling light, LED Ceiling to become the industry champion on a single product and other categories.
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