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Technology is modifying vehicles every day. Automobile motor-car companies like TESLA. modifying vehicles to make them easy and comfortable to Use. Still, machinery needs Maintenance.

Technology is modifying vehicles every day. Automobile motor-car companies like TESLA. modifying vehicles to make them easy and comfortable to Use. Still, machinery needs Maintenance. In this article, we will tell you how to improve your vehicle life and make it last longer.
Benefits of maintaining a vehicle
Reduces service costs
Improve fuel efficiency
The engine works more efficiently
The Car's mileage won't drop
Prevent car from Overheating
Ensure the safety of Vehicle
How to maintain a vehicle
• Change Filters Regularly
A two-wheeler has an OIL filter and a four-wheeler has OIL and AIR filters. Your vehicle's filter can get blocked over-time, so it's important to clean them regularly. You can expand the Air-filter life by washing it, too.
Give it a try to yourself and save the money in the process. So, be sure to use good parts, a cheap and poor quality filter could damage your vehicle's engine for a long-time. You can use your vehicle-handbook for a better guide on your filter cleaning and changes.
• Change oil of the Engine
Oil is food for the engine. The oil keeps the engine lubricated and cool. A regular oil change is important for the engine's life. Negligence of oil may cost you $200 or more. This negligence can make some serious damage to Enginee. Change the oil regularly, it will protect the engine and will improve the gas mileage. Use your vehicle manual and learn to change Oil filters with it. There is no benefit of using clean oil with dirty filters.
• Keep the tires inflated
It's more important than as, it sounds. An under-inflated tire can harm your vehicle and you at the same time. Under-inflated tires can reduce the tires' life, it can decrease your vehicle gas mileage. Check the pressure of air in the tire before every-ride. Checking air-pressure costs a single penny.
• Maintain alignment
While driving at high speed if you notice your car is shaking, then you may need to check its alignment. It is a key for safe driving and extends the life of the tires and vehicle.
• Pay for quality
Invest your money in good-quality of parts and products for your vehicle. Cheap quality can make serious damage to the expensive parts of your vehicle which can lead to high-cost repair. From the engine oil to air filter cheap products harm's more than good with low-quality parts.
• Drive smoothly
You may have expertise in driving a vehicle. Driving your car smoothly means driving brilliantly to avoid sudden hard brakes, Avoid break-jumps. Start your engine and drive off slowly and gently until the car reaches operating temperature.
• wash your car
As you shower daily or thrice a week, to keep the body active and remove dust from the body. Similarly, it's important to wash machinery to remove the road's soil and dust from the vehicle. The unwanted dust and soil moisture can rust the metal of your vehicle and damage it for a long-time. Road salt, pollution, and moisture can lead to costly body-repair.
• Park at a safe place
Parking a car in a safe place has its advantages. Parking a car in the garage protects the vehicle from natural elements. It protects the car paint from the U.V rays. It reduces pollution, congestion and reduces operational and maintenance costs. It is also important for a vehicle's safety. The U.S citizens are believing in p2p sharing marketplaces to park the car at a safe place.
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