Male Organ Vitamin Quiz - Match the Problem with the Solution

Posted July 4, 2014 by man1health

Find out more about what a male organ vitamin crème can do with this quiz.

It's hard to really understand the power that's inside each bottle of a male organ health crème, but this quiz may help. Specific male organ vitamins, minerals and emollients included in quality products are listed at the bottom of the article, with specific male organ health benefits listed up top. Men can test their knowledge by trying to match the benefit with the element. Scoring information is listed at the bottom of the piece.

The Problem
A. The skin feels rough, chapped and dry, as if it's been rubbed raw by rough clothing or a night of too-aggressive play. In some cases, a dry male organ can become so damaged that the skin will even crack and bleed.

B. The skin is so dry and so cracked that it doesn't seem capable of holding onto moisture. Regular bathing doesn't help, nor does keeping the skin inside protective shorts or pants. Without help, skin like this might never heal.

C. When a man unzips his fly and lets his little man run free, the first thing he notices is an odor. That scent is commonly described as:
• Funky
• Powerful
• Unpleasant
• A little too manly

D. Even when the male organ is hard and ready to go, it feels just a little soft and squishy. This is a particular problem for men who are either middle aged or elderly, and it can keep them away from bedroom activities altogether.

E. While the male tissues might not be hit with a dramatic illness, they just don't seem to be functioning properly. Response times are sluggish, and the tissues just seem swollen and a little puffy.

F. Skin seems dull, grey and saggy. It might function beautifully, and intimacy might still feel fantastic, but looking at the tool is far from pleasant. In fact, it might be downright embarrassing.

G. The Male organ skin is riddled with red, purple and blue veins that don't seem to deliver blood as quickly or as effectively as they once did. A man might still be able to get hard, but his male organ might not be a joy to either look at or work with.

The Ingredients
1. Vitamin E
2. Shea butter
3. Vitamin D
4. Alpha lipoic acid
5. Vitamin C
6. L-arginine.
7. Vitamin A

The Answers
A. 2. This all-natural product, derived from the fruit of the shea tree, is the secret ingredient in a number of products made just for the skin.
B. 1. This element is vital for all sorts of bodily functions, but when it's applied to the surface of the skin, it helps to create a barrier that can boost healing.
C. 7. Colonies of bacteria can spring to life on the surface of the male organ, and they can cause all sorts of harm. This ingredient helps to keep the size of those colonies in check.
D. 5. Firm skin require a thick underlying layer of a tissue known as collagen. Making this tissue t is relatively easy for the body, but Vitamin C is always required.
E. 3. This ingredient is remarkably effective in boosting the work of the immune system. It's not a cure for disease, of course, but it can keep helper cells firing at a healthy rate, so they can identify and attack invaders wherever they're encountered.
F. 4. All cells age. That's something no product can reverse. But alpha lipoic acid is an antioxidant that may help to slow down the visual signs of aging. This means skin won't look so wrinkled and baggy, even as a man ages.
G. 6. This particular element is a lifesaver for the cardiovascular system. It improves function, but it might also improve the way the male organ looks.

The Takeaway
Each bottle of male organ health crème (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil) contains a variety of ingredients that could be remarkably helpful for the overall health and function of the male organ. There's no reason why all men shouldn't get the help available to them.
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