. Net Introduction (. net basics) for beginners

Posted April 3, 2019 by mishakapoor

What is DOT NET? The DOT NET is a framework tool which supports many programming languages and many technologies. Dot Net Framework Support 60 + Programming Languages.

. Net Introduction (. net basics) for beginners

What is DOT NET?
The DOT NET is a framework tool which supports many programming languages and many technologies. Dot Net Framework Support 60 + Programming Languages. In 60 + programming languages, 9 are designed by Microsoft and Rest are designed by non-Microsoft.
In this Dot Net tutorial we will provide the latest Microsoft technologies according to the industry standard. We will start each course of the basics and then we will progress on advanced topics as we progress. In addition, each course is free means that you can learn everything for free.
Why. use net?
The main advantage of using one. net technology is that Microsoft offers many products that integrate well .net. Also, Microsoft supports all of these products (you can't call for support if you use apache for a web server). The development time for a product in a Microsoft technology, is much shorter than java. With the introduction of LINQ, the productivity of a C# developer has made another great leap. The only drawback is that while technologies like php and apache web servers are free, the use of Microsoft technologies for commercial deployment costs money. But in view of the overall development and maintenance costs, Microsoft is always working at a lower cost.


Variables & Scope
So far we have used only local variables that are defined and used within the same method. In C#, a variable defined in a method cannot be used outside of that method. If you are familiar with other programming languages, you may know about global variables, which can be accessed from several locations, but C# does not support the concept of global variables. Instead, you can define a field for a class that can be accessed by all methods of this class.

Data types
Data types are used anywhere in a programming language such as C#. Since this is a strongly typed language, you must tell the compiler which data types you want to use each time you declare a variable, as you see in the chapter about variables. In this chapter we will look at some of the most commonly used data types and how they work.

bool is one of the easiest data types. It can contain only 2 values-false or true. The bool type is important to understand when using logical operators such as the if statement.
int is short for integer, a data type for storing numbers without decimals. When working with numbers, int is the most commonly used data type. Integers have multiple data types in C#, depending on the size of the number you want to store.
string is used to store text, i.e. a number of characters. In C#, strings are immutable, which means that strings are never changed after they are created. When you use methods that change a string, the current string is not changed.
char is used to store a single character.
float is one of the data types for storing numbers that can contain decimal numbers.

With a function you can encapsulate a piece of code and call from other parts of your code. You can get into a situation very soon, in which you have to repeat a piece of code of several digits.

Function parameter
In the previous Chapter we had a look at the features. We discussed parameters briefly, but only briefly. While parameters are very simple and easy to use, there are tricks that can make you much more powerful.

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