Appraise The Evolution of Auto-Feed Multi-Purpose Screw

Posted September 14, 2021 by Multifixdirect

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Drywall screws are specially designed for this purpose and feature the following features: A Bugle Head Countersink that is designed to hold the board tightly without breaking through the paper liner.

This is unlike a standard wood-type screw with an angular countersink. You can classify the pitch of the screw as either fine or coarse.

The screw will hold tighter if it is more coarsely threaded. It screws in place quicker because it has fewer threads. Finely threaded screws are slower to insert but have sharper points, making it easier to insert the screw.

When attaching drywall to softwood, you should use coarsely threaded screws. Finely threaded screws can be used to attach drywall to light-metal studs.

For corrosion protection, they are always plated with either black oxide or zinc finish. To finish the joints, a wet plaster will likely be applied to them. Most drivers make use of 80mm TIMCO C2 Advanced Multi-Purpose screw.

You can also find them in self-drilling forms for attaching to heavy steel sections or in collated ribbons that can be used with auto feed systems.


collated drywall screws will work well for attaching 1/2" or 5/8" drywall sheets to ceiling joists and wall studs. These screws have an auto-feed feature that makes them faster to install.

While hex head screws are more expensive than bulk screws, the labor savings they offer are well worth it. For drywall installers, the more you have installed, who earn their living installing sheets, the more money you make.

Labor Reduction/ Ease in Use

The right tools will allow you to do your job faster and produce the best results. Collapsible screw guns, 132mm Forgefix Concrete Frame Screw, and Tracer collated nuts can all be helpful when hanging drywall sheets.

Collated screws are easy to use because of their design. You don't need to use a lot of force to drive the screws into place with a screw gun.

Collated screws are easy to install and can be used with many screw guns, provided you have the proper nose cone attachment (sometimes called a strip screw magazine).
The Pros And Cons Of Using Collated Drywall Screws:

Collapsible screws have the following pros:
· They are simple to use
· To drive the screw into the wall, you only need to use a minimal amount of force.
· They can be used with screw guns.
· The screw can't be inserted into the drywall or draw powder. You can therefore use your driver multiple times.

But, stainless steel wood screws vertically up into ceilings can cause the powder to fall into your power drive, jamming it.

You will also need to use more force to remove the strip of the screw from the wall and drive the screw through the drywall instead of simply going into the wood.

This is especially true when you want to drive collated screws into ceilings or at arm's length to one side. Although collated screws can be used for standard drywall applications, they can often prove ineffective when using cladding panels or other weaker materials.

Use Screw Gun Tips

Technology has made it possible for more people to use their tools. Collated screw guns are a way to drill holes into wood that is two inches deep automatically.

This is usually more than can be done with regular structural timber screws. But with great rewards comes great responsibility. Let's look at the basics of using a collated screw gun and share some safety tips.

Make sure you choose the correct depth: If you screw two pieces of wood together, there is a risk that they will be broken. This can reduce the structural integrity and even cause it to be broken. You can ensure a strong connection by providing the screw is at the correct depth for the joint.

Collated screw guns can generate lots of power, both for soft and hardwood. Many wood types are available, so you must ensure that the firearm is calibrated according to your needs. Too much could cause damage to the entire piece of wood, and too little could result in no progress.

Pay Attention to Your Hands: Do you know that power we keep talking about? We mean it when we say that at 3,500 RPM (rotations/minute), you can seriously injure yourself if your attention isn't paying.

It would be best if you were very careful with this device. Otherwise, your deck construction could become an emergency visit. Screw manufacturers manufacture the product, but the consumer must use it correctly and with care.

Your nuts screws are your best friend when you put up drywall, build a deck, or lay the foundation for a new home. These simple safety steps will ensure a strong structure without any hospital trips or bruises.


TIMCO screw is a great choice if you want to hang your drywall quicker and with less force. Collated screws are a great choice despite some drawbacks because they can be used with any screw gun and are easy to use.
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