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Posted April 19, 2023 by Naman-Mehta

PRO services are useful in Saudi Arabia for setting up and conducting business in the country as well as meeting the legal needs of expatriate workers.

Saudi Arabia being a powerful GCC country is a magnet for foreign investors and expatriate workers. Some persons use employment contracts with Saudi companies, while others find it ideal for setting up business in the country. In both cases, PRO (Public Relations officer) services are important for both corporates and employees.

There are plenty of specialists in PRO services in Saudi Arabia. Even if you are totally new to this country, you can enjoy such services from corporate PRO services Saudi Arabia.

Nature of PRO services in Saudi Arabia
Though not popularly perceived, all companies in Saudi Arabia require PRO services. Such services refer to all activities linked to the processing of government paperwork and documents, such as visa applications, documents for trade licensing, labour cards etc.

In sum, PRO services usually involve paperwork and document clearance. Hence, it is related to mandatory approvals and different services to be procured from government institutions. Similarly, the major reason why several businesses make use of PRO service providers is for ease of effort and time. Therefore, a provider of PRO services will take care of all the paperwork while you can focus on the core functions of the business.

Typical pro services in Saudi Arabia
All those companies who engage in a contract with a PRO service provider should surely know about the leading services for which they are signing the dotted line. The following are the major PRO services:

Trade licenses
These are mandatory approvals, certificates, or permits which enable or authorize a business to operate within a particular jurisdiction. This means that government agencies can shut down or fine a business that operates with a license that has expired or without a license. Such processes always involve some amount of fees.
Note that business licences are not similar to Articles of association which are operating documents; those documents that define the kind of your business (corporation, LLC or DBA).
Generally, every entrepreneur requires permits and licenses to open a shop in Saudi Arabia. No matter what is the income stream, such permits, and licences demonstrate legal compliance and operation adhering to the regulations of the government. Business permits or licenses have two main objectives; first one is for tracking state or federal tax income. Second is to display a particular level of experience to the general public.
For instance, cosmetologists, doctors, lawyers, and other professionals should have professional licences, which should also be on public display. Hence, it upholds the fact that the company is responsible for its actions and is undertaking suitable measures for protecting the safety and health of the public.
A PRO service provider is useful for getting such permits and licences as a new business will struggle with knowing what licences they require, what are the needs for these, and how to obtain these. These vary based on the location.

Employment visa
Work visas are authorizations granted to foreigners to enter, staying, or carrying out certain activities. Employment visas can differ and are based on the kind of company, position and job for which a candidate is applying for. Some (not all) of such visas permit the person to apply later for legally approved permanent residence.
But in the case of all visas, the candidate must have an offer of employment prior to applying for these. Similarly, every hired employee must surely have an employment labour contract registered by the government. At the same time, some candidates might be employed full-time while others may be employed part-time.
Hence, when the designation or salary of an employee changes or if there is the termination of employment, there is related paperwork and transaction in the picture. As a result, such kinds of transactions are ideal for the provider of PRO services. The latter will take care of all details with minimal involvement of clients.

Reduction of fees for typing
All government transactions have a need to get a document or form typed out in compliance with norms established by the concerned authority, including those completed online. Therefore, this implies that the particular government transaction mandates effective typing out of such documents. Note that there is a corresponding typing fee associated with every transaction. But a contract with a PRO service provider helps to reduce typing fees across several transactions.

Value-added services
Value addition is required to make a service or product more appealing than that of the competition. When a company wishes to know what value-added service to offer, it is vital to know the profile of customers. For instance, information must be gathered about what they like, how they desire it, and the mode in which they want the product or service to be offered.
Hence, once the advantages of the services and products have been discovered, they must be included in the objectives of the company and made a priority. Additionally, it is vital to communicate this extra value to the customer.
PRO companies offer value-added services such as logistics. For instance, if the client company has an employee needing a visa renewal, the logistics service provided by the PRO will arrange drop and pick-up for employees. This can help reduce cost and transit time.
Another example is when a business needs the government's external approval. They may require the right officer for government relations to engage with and obtain total details for completing the needed paperwork. Therefore, this represents a benefit that is offered by a contract with the provider of PRO services.

Need For PRO Services
Most services offered by PRO companies in Saudi Arabia are legal needs for employees and companies. Hence, a PRO ensures that processes are conducted correctly and in a timely manner. This way, they can lower the risk of unnecessary fines or other damaging results for the client's business.
There are also apparent legal outcomes. Hence, if a business does not pay attention to such results, it can lead to unfavourable impact. For instance, to work in Saudi Arabia, there is a need for both a work permit and a resident visa. These are required for all activities like opening a bank account, signing a residential lease, and connecting to utilities.

In sum, these are all some of the valuable services provided by PRO services. There are many benefits of PRO services for businesses and employees, especially in dealing with the processing of government documents and paperwork.
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