8 Good Reasons Why Indoor Climbing Kids Gym Is A Good Investment For Your Child's Future

Posted February 26, 2021 by nimize53

Here are 8 reasons how getting an indoor kiddie gym will pay off in the future.

The arrival of the pandemic has drastically limited the amount that adults and children alike spend outdoors. Parents are working from home, and kids are doing remote learning. It’s important to keep in mind that as we enjoy the safety and comfort that our home environment brings, we need to find ways to stimulate ourselves indoors. Parents who can no longer schedule playdates with other families can invest in a Playhouse for their kids. Online, Riababy offers climbing gyms that are not only toys but are learning tools.

Here are 8 reasons how getting an indoor kiddie gym will pay off in the future.

1. Healthy kids

Staying inside all day can protect your children and minimize the risk of them being exposed to Covid-19, but parents should remember that even young kids need some form of exercise everyday in order to stay healthy. Having a playhouse enables children to move around and build muscles. An indoor play gym also lets them stretch their muscles and make their bones stronger, making them less prone to injuries caused by poor balance.

2. Motor skills

A playhouse is also a way that your child can practice their motor skills right in the safety of your own home. Riababy indoor gyms have various features like swings, ropes, and slides, pretty much like the equipment found in your neighborhood playground. Little toddlers can practice gripping objects by handling different parts of the playhouse.

3. Problem solving

Unlike other toys, a playhouse doesn’t exactly come with an instruction manual. You simply set it up and let your child think of how things are supposed to work. Aside from boosting their physical health, their brain power is also increased through problem solving. Learning how to get to the top or get through the gym without being told what to do helps kids to solve other puzzles in the future.

4. Independence

As much as some parents may want to physically guide their kids through a jungle gym, the dimensions prohibit them from doing so and that’s actually a good thing. Learning to let your child explore by themselves is key to developing an independent mind in the future. Letting your kids go on a journey albeit inside your house can benefit both parents and kids.

5. Less screen time

Families stuck at home may turn to electronic gadgets to amuse their children. However, Riababy offers parents an alternative to screen time with their fun and cute kiddie gym. It’s comfortable and provides stimulating challenges for kids who might be otherwise trapped in a never-ending stream of videos.

6. Cost saving

It’s natural for kids to get bored with toys once they have them for quite some time. Sometimes, they simply outgrow them and other times, the toys just don’t provide enough excitement so parents are forced to get more toys for their kids. Indoor gyms are perfect for toddlers and older kids because they get a different experience when they use it every time. It also saves parents money because these are designed to be used as children get older.

7. Values and sharing

Indoor kiddie gyms can also teach the value of sharing to children and their playmates. Kids sharing a playhouse will soon learn that taking turns is inevitable in order to be able to play with others.

8. Confidence

Kids who are a bit shy can let loose in an indoor gym because it gives them a sense of accomplishment after they navigate the bars, slides, and other features. This can be a good training ground for them and can prepare them for when it’s safe to go out again.

Riababy specializes in toys and tools that stimulate your child’s creativity and give them an enjoyable experience. Visit wwww.riababytoys.com.au to learn more about their products or send them a message at [email protected] to inquire about orders and shipment.
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