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Buying weed online can sometimes be complicated and less safe than anticipated; this is because of some measures which are mostly not certain with online stores when compared to local dispensaries.


Buying weed online can sometimes be complicated and less safe than anticipated; this is because of some measures which are mostly not certain with online stores when compared to local dispensaries. The fear of being duped or getting a lesser quality of what you have ordered is some of the cases that often bother buyers. In fact, a buyer can place an order on a specific weed and get a different kind delivered to him, or sometimes, when your delivery gets stuck due to one package delivery problem in the state you reside, all these are just some of the uncertainty of buying weed online or goods generally. On the brighter side, there are also a lot of advantages in buying weed online, you do not have to leave your comfort zone before all these goods are delivered to you, in fact, there are often several ways to pay for them, if you have a frozen bank account, you could try other means like paying with cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin or a mobile app like Cash App and all. All these do not break the slightest of your sweat. As we progress in this content, you will be taught on where to buy weed online and not only that, you will learn how each of these online shops go about their sales, the procedures you will take in completing the orders.

In order to buy weed online, the only places for you to go are online shops or websites, some of these website will be discussed below and the steps in completing the order.



This website is not directly a website that sells weed at their own disposal but they serve as an overview – a channel – through which you could reach legal dispensaries. This website recommends bestselling weed shops online for their buyers. Not only do they make these recommendations, they also make sure their buyers get the exact thing they order. Once your location is determined, will help you pinpoint almost all the available legal dispensaries in your area and provide their online details, if the dispensary has any. Sometimes, some of the weed bought from these online dispensaries or local dispensaries are always shipped and delivered through third party services available in your location.

A great deal about is that, they do not only make thorough follow up on their recommendations, as their name suggests, they also offer their users some innocuous guides on where to buy weed, how to buy weed and even they make sure their users have sufficient understanding on what they want to buy so that wrong choices will not be made eventually. If a buyer has any doubt or problem about delivery, you can always access PotGuide’s delivery directory, this will help you figure out the right delivery option for you, and you can as well, access the choice of your weed shop through Potuide delivery directory, this is to make sure you are dealing with the right online shop.

The first step in making use of PotGuide, is to open an account with the site. Visit their official page, then you can click on the Sign Up button, at first, you must answer their basic question which is about your age. Since we all know that weed is deemed illegal for some age specification, you would be asked whether your age is legally acceptable and cleared to deal with weed and Marijuana, once you are done with this, then you can go ahead and sign up, your Email will be required, with verification of course. Other options are available for users who might not be interested in using their Gmail, you could use a valid Facebook account. You will be asked to accept their terms of service as well as Privacy Policy, when you are done with the verification, then you are all set up and good to go.


This is an awesome website set up to deal with the sales of weed majorly. WeedMap supplies weed to almost all the available European countries at their reach. This organization combined all the needs and attachments of weeds together into a piece, they are connected to weed consumers, plus those who need cannabis for medication, they also serve as a fixed channel for those who buy cannabis in bulk and sell resell (retailers), the most distinguishable quality about this brand is that, they make provision of doctors to their buyers who need consultations on the right thing they are to buy or consumer. For newbies, they offer consultations to them, so if you are new to weed, WeedMap might just be the ideal plug for you. WeedMap has different category for personnel and buyers and they can also help you move your weed business, they serve as a funnel for your brand in order to cover more grounds in reaching buyers. As a casual buyer, there are ways to buy weed online on WeedMap; on the top space of their dashboard, there are two spaces you can fill, one represents the kind of product you are looking for (weed or marijuana), the second space is where you can fill in your location.
This helps you to narrow down your search to your location. Once this is settled, all the available online weed dispensaries will be listed and then you can proceed in buying the weed you want to buy. WeedMap also makes recommendation for buyers; this will be influenced by how much people patronize that particular store and how the reviews they get from their previous buyers. Buying weed on WeedMap is simple and straightforward, and another beautiful thing about it is that you have wider choices to make; there are a lot of available online weed dispensaries made available by WeedMap.

In order to get started, visit their official website and browse the store for you choice.


This is an online shop that sells all varieties of quality cannabis such as freshly made edibles, tinctures, quality shelf cannabis flowers, potent concentrates, vaporizers, topicals and CDB products. This online shop makes irresistible offers for their buyers all around the world. You could filter your search in order to know the kind of weed that in hot in sales. You can seach your weed by popularity, or if the rating is what you are interested in, you can search according to the rating, if you wish to know what is trending, you could filter your search based on latest goods in stock; no matter your budget, you will get whatever you want in just few clicks as you can sort the list of available products from low to high and from high to low. Orders made above $150 wins a ticket to free shipping. makes a discreet door delivery which takes no time at all, once your location is favorable. You can browse for new products on, and good thing about this online shop is that, you can buy in packs, for those who sell in retail purposes. Other related weed products are also available on a one-click purchase; you do not have to provide any complicated information before this online store gets you all filled in.

In order to get started, you have to register an account with, you will be asked for a valid Email address and you will provide a password of your choice. Approval of accounts doesn’t process instantly; you will have to be patient for about 48 hours before your documentation is processed. Many things influence the duration of the processing, valid documentation is the key, once the documents are questionable, you may find your identity rejected or delayed, so once you are asked to pride any, make sure it is not questionable at all. After setting up your account, you are good to place an order and get them delivered to your door step. Visit their official website to know more about them. [email protected]


Although this website does not have a physical dispensary; they are well known for their effective supply of weed through mail-order. Their sales channel reaches out to buyers who live within US and also at far locations. Weed Online World offers 10% on every medical cannabis purchased by their buyers online. They make extensive provisions for their buyers who wish to purchase marijuana of recreational needs or medical purposes. They make shipments around the world for their customers, this means that location is not a barrier for their buyers and they guarantee safe delivery for buyers, even if anything happens in the process of shipping, buyers can always reach out to them to solve any problem they encounter with their products. They always have a backup plan to resend packages that get mixed up and lost in the process of mailing. They are certified online store that offers vast selection of both indica and sativa strains – for medical or recreational purposes.

Weed Online World sells marijuana seeds as well. If you are a weed farmer, this online store is always ready to ship to your location as fast as possible. In order to get started, go to their official website
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