Can I Take 5000 IU of Vitamin D3 Daily?

Posted March 30, 2022 by orzaxshopping

For that reason, Orzax Supplements has a brilliant way to ensure everyone gets vitamin D into their body. The Orzax vitamin d3 5000 mini soft gels are a quick solution to vitamin D deficiency.

Unlike other necessary vitamins, vitamin D is not available in many food sources. The main source of vitamin D is adequate exposure to sunlight. As much as sunlight is a naturally occurring resource that is available to most people for free, there is still a high number of people with a vitamin D deficiency.

Some people spend time indoors even when they live in places that have sunlight throughout the year. For that reason, Orzax Supplements has a brilliant way to ensure everyone gets vitamin D into their body. The Orzax vitamin d3 5000 mini soft gels are a quick solution to vitamin D deficiency.

How Much Vitamin D3 Should I Take Daily?

According to the National Institutes of Health Office of Dietary Supplements, the recommended daily dosage is different across different age groups. Children under 12 months should take 400 IU. Between one year and seventy years, the dosage is the same, 600 IU. However, anyone above that should take up to 800 IU daily.

Vitamin D is produced in your body when it gets exposed to sunlight. Therefore, the best way to acquire vitamin D will always be through sunlight. If you do not get enough sunlight for one reason or another, you might need to use dietary supplements to get your vitamin D levels to a healthy place.

Vitamin D is essential for bone development, which means that the body really needs to have a constant supply of vitamin D. The vitamin also supports your immune system and improves your moods. The amount of supplement dosage you take is dependent on how low your vitamin D levels are.

When to Take 5000 IU of Vitamin D3 Daily

1. During the Winter Season: Now that we have discussed the importance of sunlight exposure to the production of vitamin D, you can understand the challenges that come with seasons that have no sunlight. If you live in a place where there is little to no sunlight, you definitely need a high dosage of vitamin D daily to make up for the lack of sunlight. During Winter, you should have at least the recommended dosage from your physician of vitamin D3 supplements to help balance your vitamin D levels.

2. When you Have Vitamin D Deficiency: The main reason why you could be having vitamin D deficiency is spending all your time indoors, even when the sun is out. That can be corrected by getting at 15 to 30 minutes of direct sunlight every day. However, if that is not possible, you need to get yourself vitamin D supplements that will help your body maintain healthy bone and muscle formation.

3. When the Doctor Recommends: Sometimes the doctor can examine your body and realize that you need vitamin D3 in your body. In such a case, the doctor can prescribe any dose they feel will be sufficient for your body, even 5000 IU. You can therefore start off with a high dosage, and once your levels are regulated, you can start taking the FDA recommended dosage.


The vitamin D3 mini soft gels that Orzax Health stores sell are made with high safety standards to ensure you get the best out of the supplements. They also ensure there are no preservatives or allergens that could be harmful to your body.

If you do not get enough vitamin D from sun exposure, maybe it is time you compensate for it with high-quality supplements. You should not deny your body essential vitamins because you cannot access the naturally occurring ones.
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