Why Should the SEO Services That You Use Be Focused on Link Building Services?

Posted June 1, 2020 by oscartornley

SEO is a complex field. Not only the amount of knowledge needed to become an expert is very big, but the amount of effort needed to bring satisfactory results is big as well.

The Amount of Effort Needed for Link Building Services Is the Biggest!

A good SEO company UK will spend most of their time and effort on their link building services. You can do most optimizations for your website yourself in a relatively small amount of time. But if you want to build links yourself then you should expect a long investment of time and effort.

Link building can be done in many ways https://neilpatel.com/blog/13-efficient-link-building-strategies-for-busy-marketers/. Some methods are very effective while others can even have negative effects. The most efficient one, that also brings the best results, is guest posting. You will need to write articles, then search for other websites in your field and convince them to let you post articles as a guest. It may sound simple, but it is not. Writing proper articles can be a daunting task for inexperienced writers. And finding the websites that will bring the biggest amount of benefits to your websites is also very difficult.

As you can imagine, you will need to create high-quality articles. The better your articles are, the more and the better the websites that will let you post as a guest. Also, finding relevant websites and communicating with them requires a lot of effort as well. If you want to implement such a strategy yourself, then you need to be prepared to invest the required effort. In the beginning, when your experience is 0, it will be a very difficult period, because you will need to invest more effort into learning and gaining experience than in producing results and implementing the strategy successfully.

On the other hand, an SEO company UK has professional content writers that can write all the articles needed for the agency’s link building services. Their skills and experience are vast. A good agency can have more than a dozen current clients and hundreds in the past. Its writers sharpened their skills in practice and they gained a lot of experience writing for all these clients. Their past not only helps them reduce the effort needed to create the articles, but the quality of the articles is also very high. In fact, working for an SEO agency is one of the best ways to master this skill. The articles a new writer creates can't be compared with those of experienced writers.

If the agency has a big number of clients, then the effort it needs, to invest in finding websites to post the articles, will be much smaller than yours. Due to their past experience with clients in the same field as you, they already have connections with many websites in the field. Good agencies are also able to find the sites with the highest authority and post your articles there. The higher the authority of these sites, the better your gains will be.

An SEO Company UK Will Be Able to Take Care of Your Off-Page SEO Very Fast!

To be able to make a proper comparison between your speed and that of an SEO company UK https://www.link-building-strategies.com/, you need to understand what you will need to do if you do not want to use the link building services. Then, you need to find out how different is the process used by an agency, and how big is the disparity in the speed of implementation. You can do guest posting yourself only if you follow the steps below:

- Create articles. The first step is the creation of the articles You need to write the articles, edit them, and include relevant images. Most websites that accept guest posts, especially those with high authority, require you to directly send a finished article to them. Very rarely you may find sites that will answer your emails without requiring an article. And almost none will accept to post your article without seeing it. So, you need to first write the articles that you need to use as guest posts.

- Search websites. After you wrote the articles, you will have to search for websites. Do you have the knowledge needed to find websites with big domain authority? If you search for websites randomly, you may find websites that will take your article and use it as their own. Or, if the website' quality is low enough, search engines' algorithms may even punish you, and your ranks will drop. Before you search the websites, you need to learn how to find the same high-quality websites that an SEO company UK can.

- Convince them. Finding websites is the easy part of the process. You can find hundreds of websites. But if you do not have the skills to convince them that the benefits brought by your article are big enough, then they will not accept to post your articles. So, you will need to send them an e-mail with the article, and enough reasons to make them accept you as guest writer. Ideally, you want to convince them that future collaborations will also help them. You want to be able to post more articles on their website in the future.

SEO is a long-term solution. The benefits that you can get from this method compounds themselves in time. And the faster you implement your strategies, the faster the compounding effect gets into play, and the better the results you will obtain in the future. But if you are the only person working on this project, then you will need to take care of the tasks one by one.

You will be much slower than an SEO company UK because they have a full team that can work almost simultaneously on your project. And the team can finish it in a relatively small amount of time. Your business' specialization is not SEO, so you will not be able to compare your results with a specialized company even if you try to create your SEO team. You may be able to obtain much better returns if you spend your time and effort into the specialization of your company and use link building services to take care of your website's Off-page SEO.

Link Building Services Have the Potential to Bring Your Business the Best Result!

The amount and the quality of the results brought by link building services https://www.link-building-strategies.com/ will be much better than the results that you will be able to create by yourself. The main reasons for this situation are:

- Better SEO knowledge. The experts of an SEO company UK have many years of knowledge and experience accumulation in the field. SEO continuously evolves, and the experts must continuously learn, if they want to keep their qualifications. A true expert will not only learn the present strategies, but also the past ones. Understanding the evolution of the field will give him important insight that may help him improve even more in the future. It will also help them to raise the quality of the results brought by the services offered by the agency in many ways.

- Articles with higher quality. As mentioned above, the higher the quality of the articles, the more and better websites will be willing to accept them. Also, better articles will bring more direct traffic to your website and the effect on your ranks will also be higher. If you are not a professional writer yourself, then you will not be able to compare your articles with those created by the professionals of an agency. Even if you still want to do your own SEO, you should still use the content writing services offered by an agency. Having better articles will help you in the rest of the process.

- Websites with higher authority. Another reason, for which the results brought by the link building services of an agency are better, is the potential offered by the websites where the articles are posted. A good agency already has high authority websites where they can post articles for you. Due to its experience and recommendations, it can also find more of them, much easier than you can. You may try to find these sites yourself but most of them have very high requirements that you need to meet before you are allowed to post on their websites.

- Faster implementation. How much faster can an SEO company UK implement this method than you? Well, they can write articles in a much shorter time than you could ever do alone. The time need for a good agency to find websites is almost zero, even for new fields they will be able to find relevant websites due to experience. Moreover, the domain authority of these sites is also higher than those that you will be able to find. They have already convinced most of these sites to let them post articles on a continuous basis. As you can see, an agency is faster in every way. And the benefits of this speed will be enormous in the long run.
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