Prevent Theft And Embezzlement With And AI-Enabled Software

Posted December 12, 2021 by otograph

Theft at the workplace is common but you can prevent it from happening to your office with the help of software.

Do you know that the behavior of your employees can tell many things about your workers and office environment? If no then you are going to be surprised after knowing about our software that can help detect theft and embezzlement by employees.

“It is an AI-enabled software that can detect the behavior of users and its advantage is that it can work secretively. The software will sit discreetly in a computer and notice the digital behavior of the user without disturbing the user,” said the software developer.

This software can help in studying the behavioral pattern of employees so you can notice changes and interrupt whenever needed. For example, take workplace sexual harassment that might get diluted in the office environment, but you can find the problem and take quick action to punish the culprits and save the victims.

The software works well with other apps and programs. It won’t pop up on your computer or ask for sign-up. Once downloaded, it will keep working for a long time. You can download in the endpoint devices that your employees use to access the official data like emails, messages, documents, and PDF files. And you can monitor their behavior on a dashboard.

“We have developed a user-friendly dashboard where you will get comprehensive details of the digital behavior of your employees. You will find that many employees are involved in theft and embezzlement but they are never caught even by CCTVs. But this software can catch them red-handed,” the software developer maintained.

An employee who is eyeing an expensive piece of electronics will be quite possessive about his work desk. He won’t let anyone come to his desk. Also, he will remain reserved so no one comes to know about his plans. You can find his intentions from his behavior as he will search for information about that electronic item that he wants to steal.

Similarly, you can find employees suffering from workplace sexual harassment. Such employees would look for social media and other sites to vent their anger. Or they will look for information on how to escape sexual harassment at work.

“Your dashboard would show what your employees are searching for and you can analyze their behavior from their searches and work pattern. If an employee is taking more than normal time in completing a project, you can check where that person is spending time and find his intentions in his searches,” the software developer said.

If you are worried about theft and embezzlement by your employees but you don’t want to take strict action then you should use our software to collect proves and find the workers involved in petty crimes. You can call them to your cabin and give them a strict warning so they behave properly.

You shouldn’t worry about the cost of the software as it is made affordable. Also, you can get it for free use for a certain time so you get a quick experience of the software. And we are sure that you will have a great experience with the software.
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