Fiction Author Patricia M. Muhammad Discusses Her Fourth Historical Romance Novel, Stolen Grace

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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE-United States, 2021-August 07— /PRFree/- Multi-genre fiction author Patricia M. Muhammad discusses her romance novel, Stolen Grace.

The monarchy of 18th century France had a primary focus external of its nation's borders, domination. Its military was competitive with that of other European nations, but one ruler set its aim on the Apennine peninsula. The city-states of Italia were separate territories, each with their own ruling class, each with justifiable concern of France's encroachment into their lands. Yet military weapons were not the only ammunition that the influential French used against their foes. From a national level, there was the social weaponry of propaganda campaigns to garner support for certain actions that affected their citizens or to engage in conflict. Within the country lies a microcosm of continuous conflict within the king's court. Their weaponry is their wealth, their ammunition is the idle talk and gossip they speak in order to annihilate those whom they consider a threat to their position or status. It is of no matter whether this speech is true or slanderous. Their sole purpose is to capture the ears of a sufficient number of their fellow ennobled as well as commoners in order to uproot the station of their self-proclaimed enemy. The best manner in which to achieve this is to 'mention' a possibility as if to present it as mere curiosity. The recipient of the innuendo has now been planted with the conjecture and erroneous opinion of another. It may lie dormant within this person's mind for a short while, but soon social dictates and perception will breathe life into this supposedly innocuous comment. The ammunition has struck its initial target. No blood has been shed. No gunpowder residue remains as evidence that a verbal shot has been fired. The speaker recedes from the presence of their first contact and reloads their verbal bullets, waiting to discharge their weapon of idle talk once more. When a sufficient number of social casualties have been hit, the holder of the weapon may now stand in the shadows and observe how the obliviously wounded conjure their social army against the innocent. The initiator of the false rumours now steps forward as their leader. The vying courtier claims that she will uphold their "values" and be the agent to further their plight. In 18th century Versailles, one House of the king's court was the target of this vitriol. Their family hailed from the House of Moreau.

The Moreau name was prestigious in its own royal right. Penelope is the daughter of the patriarch and his wife. She is also Armand's older sister. The maiden, as well as the rest of her family are Creole courtiers. The story begins with Penelope's quest to exonerate her brother and clear her family’s name. She believes that this person is responsible for the royal theft, and likely the source of the false accusation against her brother. Pierre LeMercier is also an aristocrat of the king’s court and is fascinated by Penelope’s rare beauty. He encountered her on the occasion she searched for her brother, Armand, near the shops, hoping to retrieve him from the public. Pierre was quickly observant and easily enthralled by her beauty. Penelope initially resisted his inclination towards her as her focus was geared towards the investigation. She and Pierre begin a courtship. He vows to assist her in her worthy endeavours. One day while Penelope and Pierre are at a park, they as well as a few other courtiers are attacked. Pierre takes Penelope to his manor to care for her. When Armand receives word of his sister's ailment he immediately presents himself at the House of LeMercier. When he arrives, Armand is eagerly greeted by Pierre's younger sister, Guinevere. The rumours that allege Armand's complicity persists. Count Alexandre Montegeau, a friend of Penelope and Armand’s mother and father, vows to assist with her investigation. He hires another man to search for information by the name of Gustav. This is where Versailles meets Paris, where the clash of the seemingly withheld tongues encounter danger in yet another fashion. At the gathering place under the Parisian tree, no one knows the motive of the other. They seek only information, exchange and the appearance of cordiality. However, it is in Versailles that Count Montegeau is murdered while in the peculiar company of mademoiselle Charlotte of whom Armand has only met once. Penelope's brother feels the pressure of a formal royal allegation to be levied against him. Guinevere debuts as a lady in waiting accompanied by Pierre and Penelope as they arrive at the masquerade ball at the king’s court. Drinks are served, idle talk is the norm and robust activity including dance continue with a rehearsed fervor. Armand presents himself despite the danger, for he knows that he is innocent. A strange man approaches Guinevere and kidnaps her into private chambers. She barely escapes. The chandeliers are bright, blinding others to the machinations that some of the other courtiers continue to engage in. The festivities are set to continue throughout the night. Servants interweave themselves amongst the crowd to execute their duties. Others stand near columns in the exterior corridors, hoping to get a glimpse of scandal outside the sand-coloured castle that they may continue on their course of idle talk. Charlotte displays her jealousy of Armand and François’ relationship and confronts François. While outside Château Versailles, Armand is struck in the foot with an arrow from a longbow. The night seems to have an unending whirlwind of madness. Penelope wonders if they will find more evidence in time. All that they have discovered thus far leads to the royal palace. Only someone close to the king could have committed the theft. The rumours against the House of Moreau and more specifically, Armand are false. He now even wonders if they will be able to clear his name in time. The ruthless of the ennobled are relentless, but they shall have their rightful due. Their tongues will speak no more idly, nor shall their lips utter words further words of falsehood against the innocent. Pierre knows that he and Penelope cannot have the life they wish for until the thief is revealed. But who is the culprit and will they be caught in time?

Stolen Grace may be purchased as an ebook from these online retailers:

Barnes & Noble: 2940162703129
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Connect with Patricia:
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About the Author: Patricia M. Muhammad is an American multi-genre fiction author of crossover contemporary romance/science fiction, science fiction/fantasy, mystery/detective and historical romance genres. She has written 20 novels. Patricia is currently based in the United States.
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