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At BMUC Clinic we have a large team of highly experienced, dedicated doctors providing a diverse range of knowledge, skills and passion.

Botany Medical & Urgent Care is currently accepting new patient registrations. We care for all the family. We’re based in Botany town centre and our 2019 Flu Immunisation Programme is already up and running. Registering with Botany medical Centre is easy. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff are only a phone call away.

We’re expecting a severe flu year

The 2019 influenza season has arrived early in the Southern hemisphere. A severe season is being predicted. Already this year, Australia has had 27,000 flu cases. Professor Robert Booy, Chair of the Immunisation Coalition told ABC last week, “This year, we expect the flu to kill at least 4,000 people which is the same number as deaths from suicide and the road toll combined.”

Influenza, or flu, is a highly contagious disease of the respiratory tract caused by several different influenza viruses. The illness is extremely dangerous for elderly people, the young, and people with asthma and chronic respiratory conditions. Flu can even be fatal in otherwise healthy people, in some cases.

“Immunisation is the best form of defence against flu” – The Ministry of Health

If you live in South Auckland doctor advice is that you get immunised as soon as possible. Immunisation is widely regarded by the global medical community as being the most effective way to stop the spread of influenza. The Ministry of Health here in New Zealand says that “Immunisation is your best defence against the flu”.

Flu viruses are dangerous because they spread so easily. To make things worse however, it’s estimated that four out of every five people who are infected with flu don’t develop any symptoms. These people don’t get sick. Instead, they become carriers and pass the disease on to people they meet. Hence, merely trying to avoid infected people isn’t possible – and immunisation is highly advisable.

Even healthy adults should get a flu shot

If you do get infected with flu but don’t get symptoms, you’ll pass it on to loved ones – no matter how young – and to co-workers without even knowing. This increases the risks for vulnerable people and makes them far more likely to catch the disease. That’s just one of the reasons it’s a great idea to get a flu shot, even if you’re fighting fit.

The flu vaccine doesn’t contain live virus and can’t make you sick. Instead, the vaccine teaches your natural immune system to identify the flu. It equips your body with the ability to fight off the virus when you’re exposed to it. This is what’s known as immunity.

Botany Medical & Urgent Care – new patients and flu immunisation

Every flu season, New Zealand sees many cases of the disease and multiple people are hospitalised. We see many lost school days and lost work days. Our neighbourhood won’t be spared, so if you live in GP Botany recommendations are that you get a flu shot. The process is quick and easy. Botany Medical & Urgent Care is taking new patients now.

PHARMAC and funded flu shots in Botany – are you eligible?

You may be eligible to receive a funded flu shot at Botany Medical & Urgent Care. PHARMAC will fund immunisation if you belong to any of the following groups.

Children under four years of age who have been hospitalised for respiratory illness or who have a history of significant respiratory illness.

Pregnant women, in any trimester.

People aged 65-years or older.

People under the age of 65 in a high risk group, due to having any one of various illnesses or diseases including HIV, diabetes, heart disease, Asthma and chronic lung conditions, such as COPD.

Please note, this list is not exhaustive. It’s wise to get in touch with your local South Auckland GP at Botany urgent care to check if you are eligible to receive a funded flu vaccine.

Don’t delay – call your Botany GP at Botany Medical & Urgent Care today

As Winter approaches and temperatures drop, the flu season is inevitable. Flu is a serious and debilitating illness. At best, it will lay you low for several unpleasant days or weeks. At its worst, flu can kill.

Your local Botany doctors recommend that you protect yourself and your family. Get immunised against flu as soon as you can. Not only will you be protecting yourself, you’ll be protecting the more vulnerable members of our community. If you’d like to help stop the spread of flu this season. Call Botany Medical & Urgent Care today on 09 2801790 to register and get your flu shot.
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